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27. January 2001

Camouflage heavy Update of the CombatAddiction section:


SdKfz 251-1 halftrack with foliage by Alec "Magua" Wade


  • Second  "Guest" MOD hosted. The SdKfz 251-1 MOD has been done by Alec "MAGUA" Wade. It features additional foliage and vehicle weathering. The MOD is available both in Hi- and Lo-Res. You can find it in the Halftrack MOD section.

  • Third "Guest" MOD hosted. Gordon Molek released his Camo version of the Ram Kangaroo. His MOD can be found in the Support Vehicles section

  • I integrated Greg "mensch" Mudrys heavily camouflaged Tigers. Check them out in the Tiger section.

  • Second Preview posted. Check out the upcomming Desert Fox & Desert Rats conversion of Combat Mission by MikeT and Clubfoot.

  • I integrated a direct link button to the "Der Kessel" site. This site offers excellent scenarios for Combat Mission. Check it out !

  • Some site maintenance

Hop to the CombatAddiction section to check it out.

19. January 2001

Today I´m proud to present the first "Guest" MOD on my site. 


Pedro Pablo Soriano did an awesome job on the Jagdpanzer IV. Have a look at the weathering he did. Very nice.

His MOD changes the Jagdpanzer IV L/48, L/48 w/skirt and the Jagdpanzer IV L/70. 


Enjoy Folks ! 


Hop to the CombatAddiction section to check it out.

05. January 2001

Support vehicle MOD update at the CombatAddiction section.


Because I felt that MODs for support vehicles are a little bit underrepresented, I took pity with the RAM KANGAROO and created a MOD for it. Both canadian and british MOD included:

Hop to the CombatAddiction section to check it out.

12. November 2000

Terrain MOD heavy update at the CombatAddiction section.


You will find several NEW ! terrain textures there:

  • NEW ! High- and Lowres grass textures for the subdued environment 

  • NEW ! Hedge-/Hedgerow texture, both for the subdued and bright environment

  • NEW ! Summer and Autumn wheat textures for the subdued environment

Hop to the CombatAddiction section to check them out.

September 2000

The Wargames and Military History Search Engine credited The DesertFox with the Site of the Month Award "August 2000".Thank you all very much for your support.

18. August 2000

Combat Addiction section has been restructured and joined the Combat Mission Webring.

PanzerTaktik section opened with 2 articles about german reconnaissance forces.

15. August 2000

Here´s a little preview of my current work in progress. 

Some new reworked Tiger IE MODs, representing: 

  • Tiger No. 112 (1st Kp/sSSPzAbt 101), 

  • Tiger No. 221 (2nd Kp/sSSPzAbt 101) and 

  • Tiger No. 313 (3rd Kp/sSSPzAbt 101). 

You can find them soon in my Combat Addiction section. Stay tuned.

To download one of my Tiger IE Mods, simply click on one of the pictures above or follow this link to my CombatAddiction section.

12. August 2000

Today I´ve got a little present for you. I experimented a little bit with several graphicprogramms and managed to finish my first MODs for Combat Mission™. Check out my adapted Tiger-IE MODs. You can find them in my CombatAddiction section.

06. May 2000

It is done! I posted some 50 pages and with doing that, I finally managed to finish the


project and right now I am able to present you both Panther- and Tigerfibel on my website.

13. April 2000

Today it is a great pleasure for me to present the results of a mutual cooperation between Robert Cunningham and me. We both put together all data available for us on the topic of: 


A tank fitted device which was and still is surrounded with much misconception. We hope with our work, we are able to throw a little light on this matter and make clear what the Nahverteidigungswaffe was and, perhaps more important, what it was not. 

07. April 2000

Small update: Changed some design and reworked the article about the Infared-fitted "Nightfighting Panthers".

04. March 2000

Today I continued work on the TIGERFIBEL , uploaded the first 45 ! pages of this historical german tank manual and introduced a new layout for future additions. Furthermore I revised my article about the PANTHER tank.

15. February 2000

Basing on Tom Jentz and Walter Spielbergers excellent work, I added an article about The PANTHER tank and finally opened the Panzer section.

20. December 1999

The work is done! Today I have uploaded the missing 36! pages and completed work on the PANTHERFIBEL . Enjoy! And a Merry Christmas to all of you out there! :-)

13. December 1999

The Pantherfibel pages are growing. Today I put up 24 additional pages. Furthermore I´d like to give you a preview taste of the next project, the Tigerfibel. Finally I decided to post an article dedicated to the man who provided his nick as a title for this page. Erwin Rommel "The Desert Fox".

03. December 1999

Added 20 new Pantherfibel pages and decreased filesize to speed things up

30. November 1999

I updated the Nightfighting Panthers article and complemented it with illustrations

29. November 1999

Today I started work on this page to present the Pantherfibel to all interested wargamers and hobby historians. Because of its size this will be a slow but continuously growing project. Hopefully in the nearer future this site can grow and expand to provide further primary documents.

This is a homepage about the "Panzertruppe" and armoured warfare during the Second World War. It deals with different aspects of this subject, technical, organisational and tactical and is intended to present primary material as far it is related to this historical aspect.

Documents: this sections is intended to present primary documents concerning historical or technical context of the Panzertruppe or Armoured Warfare during World War II.


Articles: In this section articles on a variety of different subjects like famous and not-so-famous tank battles can be found , armour doctrine, tank production and other things will furthermore complement this homepage.


Panzer: this section is intended to provide brief background knowledge about the huge variety of tanks that saw action in World War II.


PanzerTaktik: In this section you find articles and documents about german armour doctrine.


The site map: is intended to be a easy to use tool to navigate this site. Simply click on the links.


Forums: A small collection of the most valuable forums on the internet


Links: about Tanks, History, WWII Armoured warfare and Wargames.


CombatAddiction: MODs and additions for Combat Mission™




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