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Emma (ll months) and Kendra (6 months), February 2002

Breeders of the first all - Best in Field winning pharaoh hound litter!!!!
Our latest news...
* 9/27/08 - ASFA coursing - Region 6 Invitational, Racine, WI - Venus wins 1st in a very competitive FCh stake (20 pts); Corkey is 4th (by forfeit) for 5 pts; Whitey is NBQ.
* 5/25/08 - AKC coursing - NCC in Ravenna, OH -
Corkey is 2nd in Open for 1 point and Leo is 3rd in Open; Minnie is first in Specials and BOB for a 5 point major; Emma is first in Open Veterans.  Emma was the highest scoring veteran at the trial and won the Veteran "DC Isis" Trophy!!
* Happy
5th Birthday to Corkey, Venus, Whitey and Minnie!!!!!! (3/15/08)
Portia wins Winners Bitch, Best Bred by Exhibitor and Best of Breed for her last point on 3/1/08.  She is now an AKC Champion!!!
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