Desi-musings: A showcase of writing by a small group of writers.


A showcase of writing by a small group of writers.

to Desi-Musings. Here, you will find a selection of poetry, prose and any writing by talented new and old writers from everywhere. Perhaps the original intention was to showcase Indian writing, but we felt this should be a tentative criterion. You may yet expect the writing here to be connected, somehow by essence, spirit, feeling, philosophy, or simply by conscious partronship of the writers, to the great Motherland.

We would appreciate your feedback.

To All Writers:

We are ofcourse new, and from this humble free-hosted beginning we would like to appeal to anyone who feels their work belongs here to send their work to: For now, we plan that articles on display will be changed atleast once a week, and have set up a simple commenting system that your readers here may use to provide feedback on your work. We recognize that this is very important to any writer's creative process. Desi-musings is completely free, as we believe it is payment enough that you extend your involvement and entrust your work to be displayed here.

To Our Readers:

If you are interested only in reading the work shown here, you may proceed straight away. Please be sure to comment on the articles that you read. All comments are reviewed first, and any positive, constructive criticism is most appreciable. Obvious insults or derogatory comments will be turned down straight away. Please remember that there is a living human spirit behind each writing you see here, and try to respect that. Click  to view the current issue of articles.

Our Editors:

Vanipriya Jayaraman <vanipriya84 at yahoo dot com>
Shyam Santhanam <shyam at gmx dot net>

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