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Name: Melissa Hounsell *DeCoste*
Main Nickname: Muffin-Chan!
Gender: Female
Zodiac: Taurus
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Watching: .hack//sign
Reading: DNAngel Volume 01
Eating: AIR! >^..^<
Hearing: DDRMAX2 - Break Down
Feeling: Hypey! -^.^-
Project(s): Seeing PAUL! >.<
Current Game(s): Baldur's Gate II
Loves: .Paul. My Button! -^.^-
Looking forward to: FFVII-DVD, Kingdom Hearts II, KH: Chain of Memories & Seeing Paul!
Bishounen: Cloud Strife, Uchiha Sasuke, Dark, Li Syaoran, Shindou Shuichi & Sora Miyubashi
Theme Song: Evangelion- Cruel Angel Theme
Current Obsession: Kingdom Hearts, FF-X, Baldur's Gate II, Evangelion, & Paul!

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July 19, 10:00pm

Alright so I'm sitting her listenin to come Sailor Moon music! ^_^ The Sailor Stars Song to be right to the point! God! I love Sailor Moon, I'm a hardcore moonie! >< I hope there isn't a problem with that...Anyways! ^^; I updated the ENTIRE SITE!! Alot of work, tho it doesn't look like much! I added a few new pages! First theres the Credit page and I moved My Current Desktop and MSN to its own page! ^_^ The Tag-board is also no longer at the side but at the botton of this main section! The beautiful image I used for the banner at the top I found on DeviantART! I have lost the artist -_-; Tho I'm looking! If I find them I will give credit on the Credit page! I wanna thank My Button...hehe, Sorry, had to put that in bold! Anyways, Paul gave me this cool new paint program that helped me make it so prettyful! ^_^ Ya I'm fertinkle! -^___^- LMAO! XD! hehehe! The saying was created by me, kinda silly and dumb but meh...give me some credit! -_-! So, right now, the website is perfectduomonduo! ^^ I also updated all my other sites as well! On Sempai Sanctuary All the pages are up and working and there is a few new layouts and buttons and such up! On Winged Creations I have a whole new layout and a bunch of new creations up in every section! Sadly, Chibi Piccies is still down until I can find a better place to upload all of them! ;.; but, thankfully, I cuteyifed my LiveJorunal!! Well, People, I'm out, I need some real sleep. I have been writing for 15 mins! O_O! :..I love you Paul & Miss you lots!..: <(.^_-.<)


July 18, 03:27pm
Alright now I gusse I'll tell you about my night and the start of today. Well, last night was fun, I did alot of swimming and meet some kne people and got wacth Kendal kiss Donald! :P We also played man hunt which was really fun then we headed back and burn a guitar in the fire, which was awsome! Then me and Alysson went to her place and on the way there we say a Lama! O.O It was super cool! Then, when we got there we played with Playdoh and I made a super deformed bunny! Then I watched part of Happy Gilmore and then went to bed cause I was really tired. Then...[Click for more]


NOTE: These are all picked at random! I just scroll down the page until I see a band or singer with a good, great or half decent song. If you have a request for a song, e-mail me and I'll see if I have it! Thank you! ^_^

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