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It All Starts here, my friend

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This is the first page of my ministry Merritt Ministries

You can search for whatever you feel compeled to, every click makes cents for Jesus. Thank You and God Bless You Dear Partner:

if you smoke, have you ever tried to quit? Have you tried patches, cold turkey, nicotine gum? Patches and gum don't work and cold turkey needs assistance from a whole host of cleaning herbs from the Lord to clean the nicotine out of you and make you feel better. Quit for Sure is your answer, it worked for me, it is Jan 6 2004 and I smoked my last cigarette on Christmas Day. The purchase of this product gives this ministry a commision of your purchase. Thank You Friend, I care for you and God definetly cares for you too. Now is the time to quit and here is how you quit! With Jesus at your side you will QUIT! If you go to this website please contact me and I will help you get through.
Quit For Sure (Stop Smoking in One Week)

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