is it a Bill Bailey website? (well, it was!)

Is it a Bill Bailey website? (It was, and it will be again soon, I promise!)

Much hilarity will re-ensue as soon as possible

Due to the great success of this Bill Bailey site, the maximum allowable Geocities bandwidth has regularly been exceeded. As a result, Geocities has been restricting access to it.

Al;though the hit counter is only around the 4000 mark, the downloading of the sound files have pushed the bandwidth over the edge.

I am currently working on a redesigned version of the website, which will be up and running very soon (hopefully by the end of October 2001)

If you would like to be informed of when the new site is ready, or just want to chat about the great man, email me (this site's author) at:

In the meantime, visit the official Bill Bailey site and if you really can't exist without some hilarious sound files, it has an online shop where you can order Bill's latest CD.

OFFICIAL SITE - it's done totally with FLASH, so check your plugins.

STOP PRESS! latest tour dates CLICK HERE

An email based mailing list has been set up to enable fans to keep in touch. To join, send an email to: with the following command in the body of your email message:

'subscribe bill-bailey' OR from a different email account: subscribe bill-bailey (your@emailaddress)