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This web page is for beginning game programmers. It centers on programming with the TI-83+ calculator but the techniques used should be feasible in any computer language. If you find this site not satisfactory, then maybe you should try the links contained on the bottom of this page.


Programming Techniques

Basics- This covers finding a language suitable for you and how to store polygons.

Intermediate- This covers filling polygons and how to make tools to help you program.

Advanced- In here you will find techniques for making 3D games.



Computer Books from Barnes&Noble


www.gamasutra.com- Gamasutra contains many advanced professional methods for people who find this page too basic. Gamasutra is truly the most indepth site on the web.

www.game-developer.com- Search for all your programming needs on the web.

www.gameslice.com- Gameslice is an excellent site for advanced programmers.

www.seanet.com/~ksbrown - If you have a mathematical question, the answer is probably found here.

www.best.com/~ejad/java/fractals/intro.shtml- Fractals can be used to create textures or even objects such as trees. This site is an introduction to fractals and how to make them.