Researches in Prime Number Theory RESEARCHES IN PRIME NUMBER THEORY : Retired after 30 years with IBM, I continue working on favorite math hobby : Prime Numbers. Just tenderfoot in creating a Web page. Lost in how to program on a P.C. but following a cure.

Three main claims of originality in my sofar searches.

1. Algorithmic formula for smoothened pi(x), and hence for the prime number density. Results up to 10^9, with deviations less than 800. Still many questions ! details , table example

2. Ulam's spirals study : sound explanation as to why some "parallel to diagonal" rows display rather higher prime density. ulam expl

(added November 17, 2004)
3. Contribution to the study of Goldbach conjecture : a formula and a table allowing to evaluate the number of Golbach partitions vs 2n. Goldbach text , Golbach partitions count evaluation table .

If interested in more, e-mail to me : (and I will reply or produce further pages).

I owe acknowledgments to many prime number theory contributors discovered thru web pages : Chris Caldwell, Marek Wolf, Matthew Watkins, Thomas Nicely... (I will update as my memory recalls me).

Last update Nov 17, 2004