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Recent Additions
4-4: Unofficial Eden Riegel Website--Bianca.
6-24: Once Upon a Romance: The Story of Ryan and Gillian
8-5: Soap Opera Teens Fan Fiction--a fanfiction site for the teens of GH, AMC, OLTL, DOOL, Y&R.
1-20: Jack Scalia - The Official Website--Chris.
1-20: GreenLeoFiends Homepage
1-20: The GreenLeo Loft
1-20: Leo and Greenlee Online

General Sites
ABC Daytime AMC Page
All My Children Daytime
All My Children Central
AMC Pages

Miscellaneous Specialized Sites
AMC Transcripts--full text for most episodes dating back to late 1998. Last updated in March 2001.

Chat Rooms
Yahoo! Chat Calendar

Chat Transcripts
If you're looking for chat transcripts for a particular performer, you are most likely to find them on a site specifically devoted to that person. Look at the CAST links, listed at the right.

Fan Fiction
AMC's Adam and Liza Fan Fiction
My Ryan and Gillian Fanfic Page--last update 1999.
The Ring: Love is Eternal--about Adam and Liza, many parts.

Rhyme Tyme--rhyming game.

General Soap Sites
Covering multiple daytime soaps.
About Soaps
The AMC Pages
Mediadomain Soaps
Soap Opera Online Directory (links)
TV Guide

AMC History--from 1970 till 1998.

Message Boards
All My Children Discussion Group

All My Children Sounds from Seahaas
The Colby Holding Company
Wildwind---The Marick Estate

ABC Daytime
TV Guide

All My Children: IMHO
RateItAll: All My Children

Photo Galleries
Photos of individuals are also located on specific Cast/Character sites, listed at the right.
ABC Daytime

AMC Daily Video Captures--includes screen shots from episodes. Last updated July '99.
All My Children Transcripts--dating back to Nov. of 1998.
TV Guide--same-day recaps, dating back a week.

AMC Pages Scoop
Pine Valley Bulletin
Sonny's Scoops and Stuff

All My Children Quizzes
Know Your Soap--random trivia questions.

If an actor's name is in the site title, that site will be listed in the Cast section. If a character's name is in the site title, that site will be listed in the Character section. Cast sites are listed first, with Character sites below them.

General Sites
ABC Daytime--bios of most cast members.

Current Cast
Rebecca Budig (Greenlee)
Rebecca Budig Online
David Canary (Adam/Stuart)
David Canary Fan Page
Finola Hughes (Anna)
The Finola Hughes Page
Vincent Irizarry (David)
The Vincent Irizarry Website
Susan Lucci (Erica)
Kamarie's Susan Lucci Web Site
La Lucci
Official Susan Lucci Web Site
Cameron Mathison (Ryan)
Marcy Walker (Liza)
The Queen's Kingdom
Walt Willey (Jackson)
Crystal Mesa Farm Bed & Breakfast (business owned by Willey and his wife)
Stacey's Walt Willey Fan Page
WilleyWorld (official site)

Former Cast
Mark Consuelos (Mateo)
Cricket's Mark Consuelos Page
Josh Duhamel (Leo)
Josh Duhamel Fan Appreciation Page
Josh Duhamel Online
Zen Gesner (Braden Lavery)
House of Zen
Brian Lane Green (Brian Bodine)
Brian Lane Green Fan Club
Jean le Clerc (Jeremy Hunter)
Jean le Clerc
Robin Mattson (Janet)
The Robin Mattson Fan Page
The Robin Mattson Home Page
Kelly Ripa (Hayley)
The Kelly Ripa Fan Page
Paige Rowland (Kit)
Paige Rowland: One of Hollywood's Brightest Stars

Liza and Adam Page
An Alexandra Devane Page
The Marick Files
artistic meditation on the Adventures of LesBianca
A Little Tribute to Bianca
The Chandler Mansion (sound files only)
The Cabinet of Dr. David Hayward (sound files)
Hayward's Place (no longer updating)
Remembering Dimitri
Erica and Her Men
Linden House (sound files)
Under the Influence--Jack and Erica
Jackson Montgomery's Penthouse (sound files)
The Jackson Posse
Under the Influence--Jack and Erica
Janny's Oh Leo! Fan Pages
FATAL Page--Fans Against Tad And Liza
Sounds of Salsa (sound files)
Gillian and Ryan: An Ideal Couple--last updated March 2000.
Janny's Ryan and Gilly Shrine
My Ryan and Gillian Fanfic Page--last updated 1999.
Ryan and Gillian Mania!
Chez Martin--Tad's Love Nest
FATAL Page--Fans Against Tad And Liza
Crossland Manor--Tad's Place (sound files)
Yours To the End of Time--A Tad and Dixie Fanpage
Trevor and Janet's Wedding Album