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Sunset Beach Forever

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Sunset Beach Forever #51

Airdate: 17.03.2000, Friday

The beach

Sean and Emily are sitting on the sand. Craig walks over to them.

Craig: Hey, guys! I see you got back together. That’s nice.

Emily: Yeah. Thank to you, Craig.

Craig: Thank to me? Emily, I didn’t do anything.

Emily: Yes, you did. You made me go see Sean.

Craig: Yeah and you had a fight. No, Emily, I don’t deserve any credit in this.

Sean: Emily is right. And I owe you an apology. I am sorry, man.

Craig: It’s ok.

Craig smiles.

Away from them

Casey: Rae!? What a hell… Ben, I can explain! I thought she is… I thought she is Sara!

>Rae: Oh, come on, Casey! You don’t have to lie. I can't lie anymore. Yes, Ben. Casey and I are having an affair.

Casey stands shocked, just like Ben.

Surf Central

Sara: Meg, I am shocked, I admit. So does Ricardo know about your pregnancy?

Meg: No. I think not. I believe he would come and ask me if he knew. Oh Sara, I am so desperate!

Sara: I know…

Sara hugs Meg. Hank and Joan walk in.

Hank: Meg, Sara… what’s going on?

South Bay General

Jack and Paula are kissing and Ricardo is looking.

Ricardo: My God…

Paula and Jack stop kissing.

Paula: Ricardo!

Ricardo leaves.

Paula: No, Ricardo, wait! Ricardo! You see what you’ve done?

Waiting room

Ricardo runs out.

Gabi: Ricardo?

Ricardo: Leave me alone, Gabi!

Ricardo leaves. Gabi and Antonio just look at each other.

Jamie’s room

Tyus: Good, Jamie. You are responding to these antibiotics.

Jamie: Does that mean I am getting better? The virus is going away?

Tyus: No. That means the virus is staying in the same stage. It’s not getting worse.

Jamie: Oh… well at least that’s something.

Tyus: It is.

Jamie: Dr. Robinson, is someone else ill? You are so sad…

Tyus: Many people are sick. Someone died to.

Jamie: Died? Oh my God! Ken? Did Ken die?


Michael and Vanessa’s

Austin is picking some cloths for Michael. The phone rings.

Austin: Hello?

Jude: I need to speak to Michael Bourne.

Austin: He’s not here. He’s in hospital. Who is that?

Jude: Detective Jude Cavanaugh. Look I need someone who knew Virginia Harrison.

Austin: I knew her. What happened?

Jude: She’s dead.

South Bay General

Tyus: Calm down! Ken is not dead! At least not yet…

Jamie: Then who?

Tyus: Vanessa Hart Bourne.

Jamie: Oh my God… she was Meg’s best friend! I have to call Meg. I have to tell her that I am sorry…

Tyus: No, you can't go anywhere! You can't get out of this room.

Jamie: Dr. Robinson, how can you be with me and no one else can't?

Tyus: I am a doctor and I am wearing this protection suit.

Jamie: Well can I call Meg?

Tyus: Sure. I’ll get you a phone.

Tyus exits.

Jamie: Poor Meg… and that guy, Michael…

Surf Central

Sara: Mom, dad! I didn’t know you were coming here.

Joan: Well we came to see how you were doing.

Sara: Me? I am fine.

Hank: Why are you hugging Meg?

Meg: Well can't she hug her sister?

Hank: You cried, Meg. What happened now? Maria again?

Meg: No, dad. Everything is fine. I cried... because of Vanessa.

Hank: Oh, I am sorry.

Meg: Well I have to go.

Sara: I’ll call you later.

Meg: Bye, dad. Mom…

Joan: Take some rest, honey.

Meg: I will.

Meg leaves.

Hank: Now would you mind telling me the truth?

The beach

Ben: I don’t believe you, Rae. I know Casey loves Sara and I believe him.

Casey: Thank you, Ben.

Rae: He is lying! Casey and I are having an affair!

Casey: Rae, stop it!
Rae: No! That bitch Sara took you away from me and now I will get my revenge.

Casey: Revenge? Rae, what are you talking about? I wasn’t yours when Sara fell in love with me. She didn’t take me away from you.

Rae: Yes, she did! And now… I will tell her little secret she is having in front of you.

Casey: What secret?

Rae: Casey… it’s time you know.

Ben: I think I should leave…

Rae: No! Stay, Ben! I want everyone to know what a bitch Sara is.

Casey: Speak, Rae! What secret?

Ben: You believe her?

Casey: I want to hear. Well Rae?

Rae: Casey… Sara is lying to you. She is not pregnant.

Ben and Casey are shocked.

South Bay General

Antonio: Gabi, you think we should wait here or should we go home and tell Casey and Sara the news?
Gabi: Well Paula won't see us anymore, obviously… so we can go home.

Antonio: I wonder what happened to Ricardo inside.

Gabi: Well we may never find out.

Outside of the hospital

Ricardo: I wanted to give you another chance, Paula, but now, its over! It’s over for good!
Paula’s room

Jack: What I did? I’ve done nothing you didn’t do. I kissed you and you kissed back.

Paula: But I would have never kissed you if you didn’t kiss me.

Jack: You are just making an excuse. But you know what? If you don’t want to be with me, we’ll just go on court and I will take Ally away from you.

Paula: What?

Jack: Well now that you tried to kill yourself, I will get Ally even easier.

Paula: You wouldn’t…

Jack: Oh yes I would! Now will you come back to me or not?

The beach

Sean: So what should we do next? We already tried skiing…

They laugh.

Emily: Don’t even mention that part of our life.

Craig: Is that when… the avalanche hit the cabin and Emily and I…

Sean: Yeah, you two kissed. Did you remember?

Craig: No. Mom told me about that. I’m sorry, Sean.

Sean: It’s ok! Really! I am cool! As long as you don’t try that again.

Craig: I won't. I swear!

Sean: Ok.

Emily: Enough about that! Let’s call Jamie and invite her for some volleyball.

Craig: Jamie? Oh… she is in hospital.

Emily: What?

Craig: She got the virus.

Jamie’s room

Tyus: Here it is. I got you a phone.

Jamie: Thank you, Dr. Robinson! You are the best!

Tyus: You’re welcome. I’ll come back later for it.

Jamie: OK.

Tyus exits. Jamie dials.


She runs in and answers the phone.

Meg: Hello?

Jamie: Meg? It’s Jamie.

Meg: Oh Jamie! I am so glad to hear from you. Mom said you got the virus and no one can see you so I didn’t come. How are you?

Jamie: I’m fine. Look I am calling about Vanessa. Tyus told me today that she died. Is that true? I mean… I’m sorry.

Meg: Thank you, Jamie. Yes, Vanessa died and made us all very unhappy. We all cried… but now we are moving on!

Jamie: I’m glad.

Meg: Jamie, promise me you won't…

Jamie: I promise. I won't leave you like Vanessa did.

Michael and Vanessa’s

Austin: Virginia is dead? How?

Jude: She drove too fast and the road was slippery and she lost control over the car. Car exploded and we believe it was she. That’s where you come in. You need to come here to identify her.

Austin: Identify Virginia?

Jude: Yes. Can you?
Austin: Ok. I’ll be there in couple of minutes.

Hangs up.

Austin: You’ve gotten everything you deserve, Virginia. Everything!

The beach

Ben: I can't believe this! She is crazy!

Rae: I am not crazy. I know what I’m saying. Sara is not pregnant.

Casey: Impossible. I talked to Tyus. He told himself!

Rae: Tyus lied. I believe Sara was blackmailing him.

Ben: Sara wouldn’t do that! Casey, why are we even listening to her?

Casey: Ben, wait! Maybe Rae is right.

Ben: What?

Casey: When I asked Sara to join her to see a doctor she refused. She was so desperate to go alone and I let her go alone. Rae is telling the truth!

Ben: I refuse to believe that.

Rae: Well there is no other way but to go to Sara and make a pregnancy test.

Ben: Casey, do it. Then you’ll see Sara wasn’t lying. Rae is!

Rae: Oh, Ben, come with us. I want to see your face when you see I was right.

Ben: OK. I will come. Let’s go!

They all go to Surf Central.

Surf Central

Sara: Dad, why do you think we are lying? Meg was upset because of Vanessa. Mom, help me out here.

Joan: Hank, I am sure Sara is telling the truth. Meg really loved Vanessa.

Hank: Oh… all right!

Sara: Now can I get you anything? Coffee? Soda? Orange Juice?
Joan: Do you have some tea?

Sara: Yeah. I’ll get you some.

Sara goes to the kitchen. Antonio and Gabi walk in.

Joan: Hi, Gabi! Antonio!

Gabi: Hello! I didn’t know you were here.

Hank: We came to see Sara.

Antonio: It’s nice to have a family like yours, Hank.

Sara comes back.

Sara: You two got back quick! How is Paula?

Gabi: Fine. Ricardo was there but we don’t know what happened. I wonder…

South Bay General – Paula’s room

Paula: You can't take Ally away from me!

Jack: I am waiting for your answer, Paula. Yes or no?

Paula: Jack… Ok. I’ll give you another chance.

Jack smiles and kisses Paula.

Jamie’s room

Jamie: OK, Meg. Bye!

Hangs up. Emily, Sean and Craig sneak in.

Jamie: Guys, what are you doing here? If Tyus finds you here, he will kill you! What if you…

Emily: Enough questions! We came here to see you. How are you?

Jamie: Ok. I don’t even know why am I here.

Craig: You have the virus.

Jamie: Thank you, Craig!

They laugh.

Jamie: So what’s been up outside?

Emily: Well except of Vanessa’s death… nothing. Well actually I heard Michael got the virus to! And I heard Virginia died.

Jamie: Wait. Vanessa’s husband and that crazy woman who loved him?

Emily: Yeah.

Jamie: Oh my God…


Austin comes in.

Jude: Thanks for coming. Jude Cavanaugh, we met on the phone.

Austin: Yeah. Austin Bourne. Where is she?

Jude: Right here.

Jude takes him to her… or what’s left of her.

Jude: Ready?

Austin shakes his head and Jude uncovers Virginia’s body.

Austin: Oh, my God!

Jude: Is it she?

Austin: I can't tell… she is all… did you find some things?

Jude: Yeah. We found this around her neck.

It was a necklace. Austin takes it and reads what was written on the golden tag.

Austin (reads): To the best mom ever! Jimmy! (Stops) Yeah, this is Virginia.

Jude: Ok. Thank you.

Austin: So you really died… ha… you deserved it!

Austin turns and leaves.

Evans’ house

Meg: Oh, I left my jersey in Surf Central! I should go get it back.

Meg leaves to Surf Central.

Surf Central

Gabi: Well, Antonio should we go upstairs? People might want some privacy.

Joan: Don’t be silly! You can stay here. After all this is your house now, right?

Gabi: Only temporary.

Antonio sits next to Joan.

Hank: Well…

Rae, Casey and Ben barge in.

Sara: What’s going on?

Rae: Hello, everyone!

Sara: Casey, why are you with that witch?

Casey: I think you have something to explain, Sara.

Hank: What’s going on?

Sara: Oh my God!

Casey: Don’t tell me you know, Sara?

Sara looks at Rae who smiles malicious.

South Bay General

Sean: Well I think we should leave now.

Jamie: Thanks for coming.

They are about to leave when Tyus walks in.

Tyus: What are you three doing here?

South Bay General
Tyus: I asked you something!

Emily: Tyus, we are sorry! We just wanted to know how Jamie was doing.

Tyus: You could have asked me! Get out! I’ll be right back, Jamie.

They exit.

Sean: Look, Tyus… nothing happened.

Tyus: How long were you in there?

Craig: Not long. 10 minutes.

Tyus: Is that right?

Emily: OK, 15! But we won't get sick! Jamie looks great, witch is more than I can say for Ken.

Tyus: You saw Ken?

Emily: Well on our way here I peeked in his room and saw him. He was like… dead.

Tyus: He’s not dead.

Emily: Well Jamie doesn’t look like that.

Tyus: Never mind. I don’t want to see you here again! Understood?

Sean: Definitely! Bye, Tyus!

They all go smiling.

Paula’s room

Jack: So we are back together?

Paula: Yes.

Jack smiles.

Jack: I have to go now. See you later.

Paula: OK.

Jack exits.

Paula: I had to… he would have taken Ally away from me and I can't let him. So goodbye Ricardo and hello Jack!

Ricardo’s loft

Ricardo storms in his apartment and starts to pack his things.

Ricardo: The only thing I have left is to leave Sunset Beach… for good!

Surf Central

Joan: Casey, what are you talking about?

Casey: Sara, answer me!

Rae: Why don’t we make a pregnancy test? I have one right here.

Meg comes in.

Meg: My God! Here sure is crowded! What’s going on?

Ben: You’ll see.

Casey: Come on, Sara! Do it!

Hank: Casey, what is it? Don’t you believe Sara?

Casey: Hank, Rae says Sara isn't pregnant.

Meg: What?

Gabi: Antonio, this is definitely not the place for us…

Rae: Stay! So you can see what a liar your friend is.

Antonio and Gabi go and stay in background.

Meg: I don’t believe this! Casey, how can you say something like that? Come on, Sara! Take the test and prove Casey that he’s wrong.

Sara almost starts to cry.

Joan: Sara, honey… it’s not true… I mean what they are saying, isn't it?

Sara: Mom… Meg…

Meg: Come on, I’ll go with you!

Sara and Meg go upstairs with the test.

Rae: Well this should take a while. Hmm… nice brownies! (Rae goes to take one)

Joan: They’re not for you!

Rae moves back and rolls her eyes.


Meg: Sara, why are you crying? Sara, tell me the truth! Are you pregnant?

Sara: Give me the test, Meg.

Meg: Answer me!

Sara: Give me the damn test and you’ll get your answer!

Meg gives it to Sara. Sara goes into the bathroom.


Ben: This is ridiculous.

Rae: You won't think that after you see the results of the test.

Hank: You are one nasty…

Joan: Hank, don’t go to her level!

Rae: Oh what level is that?

Joan: I won't answer that.

Meg comes back.

Casey: Where is she?

Meg: She’ll be here in a second.

Sara comes back with a tester in her hand.

Sara: Now we wait. And if it goes blue… Rae wins. If it goes pink…

Rae: Witch won't!

Sara: … I win!

They all gather around the tester. Casey takes it in his hand.

Casey: I want to be the first one to see.

Minutes go by…

Ben: Well Casey, does it change the color?

Casey: Yeah…

Meg: Well?

Casey: You lied to me…

Sara starts crying…


Sunset Beach Forever #52

Airdate: 20.03.2000, Monday

Surf Central

Minutes go by…

Ben: Well Casey, does it change the color…

Casey: Yeah…

Meg: Well?

Casey: You lied to me…

Sara starts crying…

Meg: Sara? Casey, what happened?

Casey: How could you?

Sara: Casey, please…

Casey: I don’t believe you, Rae!

Rae: What?

Sara: What?

Casey: Look!

Casey shows the tester to everyone. And the color is… pink! Sara is pregnant!

Maria’s place

Billy: Where is Annie?

Maria: She’s upstairs. Taking a hot bath.

Billy: Oh… does that mean I can't spend the night here? (Billy smiles)

Maria: Who said that? Of course you can!

Billy: Uh… great!

They kiss. Phone rings and Maria makes a scared face.

Billy: Maria, aren't you going to answer?

Maria just looks at the phone while it rings…

Upstairs – bathroom

Annie is in the tub. She fantasizes about her, Jude and Brooke.

Brooke: Oh, queen Annie, please don’t do that to me! Please!

Annie: Take her away and lock her up! She is just a stupid maid! And then bring me her husband, my faithful servant.

Ben and Casey as her soldiers take Brooke away. Then they bring Jude.

Jude: Please, queen Annie, don’t hurt me! Please!

Annie: I won't! Come closer!

Jude comes. She kisses him.

Annie: You will be the new king!

Jude: Oh, thank you! Thank you so much!

They kiss and then we come back to real Annie.

Annie: If I only had Jude… in any way… Oh Jude…

Deschanel house

Cole, Olivia and AJ are sitting in the living room.

AJ: It’s good that Caitlin went to see that doctor.

Olivia: Yes. But… I still can't believe it… Caitlin crazy?

Cole: I know how you feel Olivia.

Olivia: Do you?

Cole: Completely. Where is Caitlin’s dear daddy?

Olivia: Gregory will be here soon. He had some things to do.

Jude’s apartment

Jude walks in.

Brooke: It’s nice you remembered you have a home.

Jude: I was working.

Brooke: Well I just wanted to ask. When will we get married?

Jude: As soon as possible.

Brooke: I want a big wedding…

Jude: Forget it!

Brooke: What? No big wedding? But Jude…

Jude: Oh Brooke! This is our second time getting married. You already had a big wedding. This is just a remarriage.

Brooke: Fine. As long as we get married.

Jude: We will.

Someone knocks. Jude opens.

Jude: Gregory!

Gregory: Jude, I am here to take Rachel.


Surf Central

Joan: I knew it! She just wanted to…

Rae: Casey, I swear! I am sure Sara did something in bathroom!

Casey: I don’t believe you anything else! Get out! Get out, Rae!

Rae: Casey, listen to me…

Casey pushes Rae out. Then he turns to Sara and hugs her. Sara smiles.

Meg: I think we should all leave.

Ben: Good idea.

Ben and Meg exit.

Joan: I am glad everything ended up happy for you honey.

Sara: I am glad to, mom.

Hank: Bye, honey.

Sara: Bye, dad.

Joan and Hank exit.

Gabi: Well Antonio, can you take me upstairs?

Antonio: Sure. Good night.

Casey: Night!

Sara: Well we are finally alone.

Casey: Yeah… But first Sara I want to ask you something.

Sara: What?

Casey: Why did you start crying if you knew that you were pregnant?

The beach

Meg: I never thought Rae would do something like that.

Ben: Me neither. She was always nice, but I guess life in San Francisco changed her.

Meg: I guess.

Ben: Well enough about Sara, Casey and Rae. I want to do something else.

Meg: Ben, we’re on the beach…

Ben: Yeah, but its night.

Meg: I don’t know…

Ben: I’ve never done it on the beach. Have you?

Meg flashbacks her making love with Ricardo on the beach.

Meg: No.

Ben: Then let’s do it.

Ben starts to kiss Meg and she flashback Ricardo’s kisses…

Maria’s place

Billy: Maria, aren't you going to answer? Come on. I am here. Nothing will happen to you.

Maria answers slowly.

Maria: Hello?

Ricardo: Maria? What took you so long? I was about to hang up.

Maria: Ricardo! Hi! I was in the shower.

Ricardo: Oh… look I was wondering could I come to see you. Just for a second.

Maria: Sure. Is there something wrong?

Ricardo: I’ll tell you when I arrive.

Hangs up.

Maria: It was Ricardo.

Billy: You see? There is nothing to be afraid of.

Maria: Yeah.

Maria hugs Billy as someone is watching them through the window.

Jude’s apartment

Jude: Excuse me? Gregory, I already told Cole. We won't give you Rachel. She is ours.

Gregory: Jude, did you see my daughter?

Jude: No.

Gregory: She is going crazy. Look, I am not asking you to let Rachel live with Caitlin. Just let her go see Caitlin. Caitlin will be so happy to see Rachel. Please, Jude.

Jude: Ok. I’ll take Rachel so Caitlin could see her, but that’s all!

Brooke: No! I won't let you!

Deschanel’s house

AJ: Where is Caitlin anyway?

Cole: Upstairs. In our room…

Olivia: I will go and see what she’s doing.

Cole: OK.

Olivia goes.

AJ: How are you holding, son?

Cole: Good. Why did all this had to happen? It’s all Gregory’s fault.

AJ: Gregory’s?

Cole: Yes. If he never tried to take our baby away from Caitlin, she would never had that accident where she lost our baby and became sterile.

AJ: Yes that’s true. Cole, I called your brother to come. I believe you need all the help and support you can get.

Cole: Thank you, AJ. It will be good thing to see Leo again.


Olivia: Cait?

Caitlin: Hi, mom.

Olivia: What are you doing?

Caitlin: Nothing… just looking what will I dress tomorrow.

Olivia: Tomorrow? What’s tomorrow? Some special day?

Caitlin: Tomorrow is my and Cole’s anniversary.

Olivia: Oh that’s right! I am so happy…

Caitlin: About what? There is nothing to be happy to, mom. Nothing!

Surf Central

Sara: I… I started to cry because I thought you don’t believe me and it hurt me so much.

Casey: I am sorry. But Rae was so… she was so convincing and I… I believed her.

Sara: What would have happened if Rae were right?

Casey: What would have happened? Hmm… I don’t know. I would probably leave you…

Sara: And go back to Rae?

Casey: No. Ok, maybe I would… look Sara, it doesn’t matter! What matters, is that we are going to have a baby and nothing will ruin our happiness!

Sara: Yeah…

Casey: Sara, I would like to get married before our baby comes to world.

Sara: Me to.

Casey: Then let’s do it.

Sara: What?!
Casey: Let’s marry tonight! Let’s go to Vegas, Sara!
The park

Rae: I lost him! How could Sara be pregnant? I heard Tyus telling her she is not pregnant! Damn! I lost Casey, forever…

Maria’s place

Annie comes down the stairs.

Annie: Billy! I didn’t know you were here.

Billy: I came to check on Maria.

Annie: Oh don’t worry. While I am here, nothing will happen to my friend.

Maria smiles.

Maria: Annie, Ricardo will be here. He has to tell me something.

Annie: Now? Isn't it late for family meeting?

Maria: I don’t know. I wonder what he has to tell me.

Someone knocks.

Maria: That must be Ricardo.

Maria opens.

Ricardo: Hi, Maria!

Maria: Hi. Come in. Ricardo, you got me worried. What is it?

Ricardo: Annie… Billy…

Billy: Ricardo.

Ricardo: Can you two leave us alone for a minute?

Annie: Yeah. Billy, can you help me in my room? Something is wrong with my drawer anyway.

Billy: Sure.

Annie and Billy go upstairs.

Maria: Ricardo, what’s going on?

Ricardo: Maria, I am leaving Sunset Beach.

Jude’s apartment

Jude: Brooke, I think we should let Caitlin see Rachel.

Brooke: I don’t care about her! As long as I care she can end up dead!

Gregory: Don’t you dare talk about my daughter like that!

Brooke: Rachel stays here.

Gregory: You are…

Brooke: Oh come on, Gregory. I am just like you! I know what you’ve done in past. I know everything!

Gregory: My past in none of your business. Brooke, please… I am begging you. Let Caitlin see Rachel.

Brooke waits before she responds.

Brooke: No! I won't let Caitlin ever come near Rachel!

Brooke goes to Rachel’s room.

Gregory: Jude, do something!
Jude: I don’t think there is anything I can do, Gregory.

Deschanel’s house

Olivia: Don’t talk like that, honey! There is lot of things to be happy.

Caitlin: Like what?

Olivia: Well… You are alive. After everything… you could have died.

Caitlin: I wanted to die, mom. I really did. I had no kids. And I will never have.

Caitlin starts crying.

Olivia: Oh, darling…

Olivia hugs Caitlin.

Cole: Hey… what’s going on?

Caitlin: Cole!

Caitlin jumps in his arms.

Cole: Hey, hey… shh… everything will be ok. I promise you.

Olivia: Cole, did Gregory come?

Cole: Not yet. But AJ is downstairs.

Olivia: Ok.

Olivia exits.

Cole and Caitlin stay embraced on the bed.


AJ: How is she?

Olivia: Oh… AJ! I don’t know what to do. My daughter is… she is…

AJ: I know. And you feel bad because you can't help her.

Olivia: Yes. I wonder where is Gregory. Oh, AJ…

Olivia and AJ hug and Gregory walks in.

Cummings’ place

Joan: I am glad that everything turned out fine tonight.

Hank: Yes. Now that Rae won't chase Casey anymore.

Joan: Let’s hope so. Uh… it’s so hot here.

Hank: Hot? Joanie, are you all right? It’s freezing!

Joan: Hank, are you ok? Oh my God! Maybe you got the virus!

Hank: Me? Maybe you did!

Joan: Craig! Craig, are you here?

Craig comes from upstairs.

Craig: Yeah, mom?

Joan: Is it hot or cold here?

Craig: It’s freezing!

Hank: Oh my God… Joanie…

Joan: Hank… what is wrong with me?

Craig: Mom?

Joan falls on the floor.

Craig: Mom!

Hank: Craig, call 911. Joanie, stay with me! Joan!

The beach

Ben and Meg just made love and now are lying on the sand rapped up in blankets.

Meg: This was wonderful.

Ben: Yes.

Meg: Ben, you are awfully quiet. What’s wrong?

Ben: No, nothing is wrong. I am fine.

Meg: But…

Ben: I’m fine, Meg!

Meg: Ok. Why don’t we go home?

Ben: No… let’s stay here for a while.

Meg: It’s getting really cold.

Ben: Well we have one another.

Meg: Umm…

They kiss.

Maria’s place

Maria: What? Ricardo…

Ricardo: There is nothing for me here. I mean, Gabi is with Antonio… Paula with Jack…

Maria: Ricardo, they are not the only two women in Sunset Beach! There is many more beautiful girls.

Ricardo: But I don’t love any of those beautiful girls.

Maria: Ricardo…

Ricardo: Maria, there is nothing you can do. I am leaving to Santa Monica. I already found a place. My friend from police found it. And looks like I’ll be able to work in Santa Monica Police Department.

Maria: I think that’s great, but your family… We are here.

Ricardo: No, Maria! I mean, Santa Monica is not on the end of world. You can come to visit me. I’ll come to visit you.

Maria: What about mama? What did she say?

Ricardo: Nothing. I am not going to say goodbye to her or to Antonio and Gabi.

Maria: Ricardo!

Ricardo: Maria, goodbye. My bus is leaving in 10 minutes. Goodbye and hope to see you soon.

Maria: Ricardo! Stop! Ricardo!

Ricardo leaves.

Surf Central

Sara: Go to Vegas? Now? Tonight?

Casey: Yes, Sara! What do you say?

Sara: I say… let’s go take some things and let’s go!

Casey and Sara laugh and then run upstairs to get some things. Antonio exits his room.

Antonio: What’s going on?

Casey: Antonio, Sara and I are going to Vegas to get married.

Antonio: What? That’s great, Casey!

Casey: I know!

Antonio: Good luck!

Casey: Thanks man!

Sara: Got it!

Casey: Well bye, Antonio! See you in couple of days.

Sara laughs and then she and Casey leave.

Jude’s apartment

Jude: Why are you like that?

Brooke: I don’t want to talk about that.

Jude: You are real…

Brooke: Bitch! I know! But no one will raise my daughter but me.

Jude: What? Caitlin would just play with her. She wouldn’t raise her. Rachel would come back to us.

Brooke: I don’t believe that! Anyway, I decided. I am leaving back to London and I am taking Rachel with me.

Deschanel’s house

Olivia: Gregory! Where were you?

Gregory: I went to see Jude and Brooke. I wanted them to let Rachel see Caitlin.

Olivia: Oh… and I suppose they disagreed.

Gregory: Well actually Jude said yes, but Brooke didn’t want it.

Olivia: That horrible woman! I wouldn’t be surprised if she ended like Francesca.

AJ and Gregory look at Olivia.

Olivia: Oh I am just saying…

Cummings’ house

Hank: I’ll go with her to the hospital and you go find Meg and Sara.

Craig: OK, dad.

Hank and the paramedics go and Craig leaves after them looking for Meg and Sara.


Sara: I love you.

Casey: I love you to and I can't wait for you to be my wife.

They kiss.

The beach

Meg: Now I think it’s really enough. We really should go home. Ben, this isn't one of those summer nights when we can sleep outside. It’s cold!

Ben: Ok, ok… I wouldn’t want you to get cold.

Meg: Yes.

Craig runs to them.

Craig: Meg…Meg…

Meg: Craig, what’s wrong? Why were you running so fast?

Craig: It’s mom! She is in hospital! She got the virus to!



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