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Sunset Beach Forever #53

Airdate: 17.03.2000, Friday

NOTE: Due some disk problems, I lost the episode 53. Here is what happened in short: Annie decided to blackmail Gregory into getting his stocks in Liberty Corp; Jude brought Rachel to Caitlin, but Brooke came to get her back; more problems with the virus and now...

Sunset Beach Forever #54

Airdate: 22.03.2000, Wednesday

Gregory’s office

Annie runs in.

Gregory: Annie, what a hell…

Annie: Shut up, Gregory! I need a job, and you are going to give me one.

Gregory looks at her weird.

Deschanel’s house

Caitlin: What do you want?

Brooke: I want me baby! Give me Rachel back!

Caitlin: No! Jude said…

Brooke: I don’t care what Jude said! You will give her back! Right now!

Brooke storms in her house and Caitlin follows her.

Caitlin: Brooke, wait! Please!

Brooke: No! Rachel! Where is she?

Caitlin: No, Brooke…

Brooke sees Rachel. She picks her up.

Brooke: Now step away. I am leaving.

Caitlin: No. You are not leaving this house.

Caitlin said and pulled out a gun from her drawer.

On the street – in front of Deschanel’s house

Olivia is running and crying and she bumps on Cole.

Cole: Olivia! Where are you going?

Olivia: I can't, Cole! I just can't!

Cole: You can't what?

Olivia: I can't look while they are taking Caitlin away.

Cole: I am sorry, Olivia. But it’s the best thing for Caitlin.

Cole hugs Olivia.

Sean: What are you two doing?

Bette’s house

Emily: So Annie wants a job?

Bette: Yes, I thought it’s strange to. But I knew she wouldn’t accept my offer.

Emily: Well… can you imagine her working as a secretary?

Bette: No.

Emily: Neither can I.

Someone knocks and Emily opens.

Emily: Oh my God!

South Bay General

Hank: What the hell was that?

Ben: What? I was just having a civil conversation with Maria.

Hank: I don’t think so! You still love her!

Ben: That is ridiculous!

Hank: Then why do you have that spark in your eyes?


The Deep

Austin is sitting on the bar. Rae comes in. She sits next to him.

Rae: One margarita, please.

Austin: Well isn't this Dr. Chang?

Rae: Hello, Austin.

Austin: How is my dear brother?

Rae: The same. You don’t care about your brother… you never have. I remember when you came to Caitlin’s party with Virginia and you didn’t care about your brother.

Austin: Well now I do. I never wanted him to die.

Rae: Well let’s say I believe that. So what’s new in your life?

Austin: Virginia died.

Rae: What? Wow…

Austin: Yeah… she got what she deserved.

South Bay General

Ben: I don’t know what you’re talking about, Hank.

Hank: Ben! Don’t walk away from me! You…

Ben: Hank? Hank, are you all right?

Hank: I feel… I feel weak…

Ben: Sit down…

Hank: My heart…

Ben: Your heart?! Are you having a heart attack?

Hank: Ben… help me…

Ben: Doctor! Help him!

Bette’s house

Emily: My God!

Bette: Who is it, kitten? Big G., I will faint! Well isn't this young Mr. Dimples? Leo, what are you doing here?

Leo: Dad called me and invited me here. I came to see you first.

Emily: Well it’s a big surprise, believe me. Come in!

Leo comes in.

Leo: So what’s going on?

Emily: Not much… well, I will tell you all later.

Leo: I am glad everything is fine here. I heard about that virus.

Bette: Oh, yes! Well… Look I will leave you two to talk and I’ll be back. Don’t be naughty!

Emily: Mom!

Bette laughs and leaves.

Leo: Emily, are you still with Sean?

On the street

Olivia: Sean… this is not what you think!

Sean: Then what is it? You are hugging your son in law, your ex-lover on the street and I should think you are friends?

Cole: Sean, you are exaggerating. Your mom and I… we don’t have anything together.

Sean: Well you do have a son together, Cole!

Olivia: Sean, what Cole meant to say…

Sean: I know, mom! So where is Cait while you two are this close?

Cole: Caitlin is at home. Ready to be transferred to Cedar Oaks.

Sean is shocked by Cole’s words.

Deschanel’s house

Brooke: Caitlin put the gun down! Please! You won't shoot. You wouldn’t… you wouldn’t hurt Rachel.

Caitlin: If you know I wouldn’t, why don’t you let me stay with her for a while?

Brooke: Because I love her and…

Caitlin: Save it! I don’t care!

Brooke: you are crazy, you know that?

Caitlin: I am not crazy!

Brooke: Yes, you are! Now, get away! I am leaving!

Brooke passes by Caitlin and Caitlin turns and shoots.

Gregory’s office

Gregory: Annie, what? A job? For you?

Gregory laughs.

Annie: It’s not funny! Especially when you hear what I have to say.

Gregory: Ok. Say it, Annie.

Annie: You maybe got away with Francesca’s murder… but did you forget that you kidnapped me? Gregory, no one knows about that and no one will if you give me a job. A good job! So what’s it going to be?

Liberty Corporation – AJ’s office

Bette: Hi, hone!

AJ: Bette! What a surprise! What are you doing here? Aren't you supposed to be in your office?
Bette: Yes. But I have a launch break. I was wondering if you could join me for launch. It’s been so long since we had a launch together. With Elaine and everything…

AJ: I know, Bette, and I am sorry, but I can't go now.

Bette: Why not? I am sure that Gregory will let you go if I asked him.

AJ: It’s not about Gregory. We are short on people here. Ben is not here and some of our people got the virus. Bette, I just can't go.

Bette: I understand. Ok, well then I’ll just leave you alone.

AJ: Bette?
Bette: Yes?

AJ: I’ll be at your place at eight.

Bette smiles and exits.

South Bay General

Meg and Craig walk to Ben.

Meg: Ben, where is dad?

Ben: Hmm… Meg, he… he had a heart attack.

On the street

Cole: Was that…

Olivia: Oh my God, Cole! It was a gunshot and it came from your house!

They all run to Cole’s house.

Deschanel’s house

Caitlin is standing with a gun. Brooke is standing opposite of her with a baby crying in her arms.

Brooke: What are you doing? You see now why I don’t want to give you a baby?

Caitlin: I shut... I…

Cole, Sean and Olivia run in.

Cole: Caitlin!

Olivia: Oh my God!

Cole: Caitlin put the gun down.

Caitlin: Cole!

Caitlin throws the gun away and runs to Cole’s arms.

Caitlin: Hold me, Cole! Hold me and never let go!

The Deep

Rae: So, you never told me what brought you to Sunset Beach? A girl?

Austin: No. Michael.

Rae: You came here because of him? Oh…

Austin: But I don’t want to talk about Michael anymore. Are you still chasing that Casey guy?

Rae: No, not anymore.

Austin: Great! Then how bout we go on dinner tonight?

Bette’s house

Emily: Yes, I am still with Sean. Why?

Leo: I’m just asking. I want to see him to.

Emily: Well you’ll see him. Actually he is on his way here.

Leo: He is?

Emily: Yep! You want something? Soda? Coffee?

Leo: No, thank you, I am fine. Emily, did you ever think of me on…?

Phone rings and Leo stops. Emily answers.

Emily: Hello?
Sean: Em, it’s me. Look, I can't come.

Emily: What? Why?

Sean: Something is wrong with my sister. I’ll tell you later.

Emily: Ok. I have a surprise for you.

Sean: Great! I can't wait. I’ll see you tonight.

Emily: Ok.

They hang up.

Emily: Well Sean is not coming after all. So you are stuck with me!

Leo smiles.

Deschanel’s house

Olivia: Cole, you think we should call someone? Like Dr. McBride?

Cole: No. She is calm now.

Sean: What a hell was this? Caitlin would never shoot on someone. Especially on someone who is holding Rachel!

Cole: She is crazy, Sean! Caitlin doesn’t know what she’s doing and that’s why she needs to spend some time in Cedar Oaks.

Sean: My God… my big sister… went nuts?

Olivia: Don’t talk like that, Sean!

Sean: Sorry! You think we should call dad?

Olivia: Yes, Gregory! We need to call him.

Cole: No! We will take Caitlin to Cedar Oaks. Now!

Gregory’s office

Gregory: I can't give you a job here, Annie. I have partners here. Ben and AJ and Casey… you know that! You used to be a partner to!

Annie: Yeah, until you took everything from me! And now I don’t care how will you do it, but I want my stocks back, Gregory!

Gregory: I can't give you AJ’s stocks…

Annie: I am not asking you to! I am asking you to give me your stocks, Gregory. I want 50 % of your stocks or I’ll tell Jude about you kidnapping me and holding me in Aspen.

Gregory: You…

Annie: Yes, Gregory! I am a bitch! But I need a job or I won’t survive! So give me 50 % now or I am going to the police.

South Bay General

Ben: And he just collapsed.

Meg: First Jamie, then mom, now dad! This is getting worse by the minute!

Ben: Calm down.

Jude walks in.

Jude: Hey! Listen I heard about your mom being in hospital, I am sorry, Meg, but I think I have some news from Chicago that you might want to hear.

The Deep

Rae: Are you asking me on date?

Austin: You can call it any way you want. So?

Rae: Sure, why not?

Austin: Great! I’ll pick you up at eight.

Rae: Ok.

Austin: Now that we’ve worked out that…

Rae’s beeper rings.

Austin: … you have to go!

Rae: Yeah. It’s the hospital. I have to go, but our date is still on.

Austin: So it is a date?

Rae (as she leaving): Yes!

She leaves. Austin smiles.

Bette’s house

Emily: So what were you saying?

Leo: Yes! Ah… Emily, did you ever think of me…

Bette storms in.

Leo: Oh… damn!

Bette: Sorry to interrupt! I forgot my papers.

Emily: I think they are on your desk mom.

Bette: Right. Here, I have them and now I am leaving! You two have a lot to talk about! Why don’t you call Sean? I am sure he would love to see Leo to.

Emily: We did. Sean has some trouble with Caitlin.

Bette: Beauty is in trouble? Hmm… then I better go there and check it out. Bye!

Emily: Now what…

Leo: I just remembered! My father said I come to see him when I arrive. I have to go. Sorry.

Emily: Sure.

Leo runs out.


Leo: I lost my courage! I will never be able to ask Emily if she ever think of me as a guy. Not a friend…

Deschanel’s house

Olivia: Cole, what are you saying?

Cole: She needs help, Olivia. You saw it! She almost killed Brooke and Rachel!

Olivia: But…

Olivia’s eyes are filled with tears as she tries to convince Cole (and herself) that Caitlin is fine. Cole feels the pain to, and his eyes are filled with tears to, but he doesn’t want them to see so he goes upstairs to bring Caitlin. Olivia breaks and falls in Sean’s arms.

Sean: It will be all right, mom. Cait will get out of that hospital in couple of days and she will be old Caitlin.


Cole wipes his tears and enters Caitlin’s room.

Cole: Caitlin?

Caitlin: Cole… I am sorry about that… I didn’t want… but I am not crazy, Cole!

Cole: No… no. Don’t apologize. Caitlin… I want you to know I love you.

Caitlin: I know that.

Cole: And I would do anything to help you.

Caitlin: Yes…

Cole: So now I am asking you to come with me.

Caitlin: Where?

Cole: You need to… To a nice place where you will have your own room. And you can watch TV as much as you want, and you can sleep all day… not thinking on your problems.

Caitlin: Are you coming with me?

Cole: Yes.

Caitlin: OK, then let’s go.

Caitlin takes Cole’s hand and smiles. Cole starts crying and hugs her and then they exit the room.

South Bay General

Meg: What news?

Jude: Doctors in Chicago called and said that they think they found a cure!

Meg starts laughing and hugs Craig.

Jude: Only someone has to go and bring the cure here. It probably won't be enough for everyone for now. But soon…

Meg: Then why aren't you there? Go! Go get the medicine!

Jude: A… that’s the problem. We have to take South Bay’s helicopter but it’s not available. And I can't use police helicopters cause it’s not a case… so we need a helicopter. And I know, Ben that you can use a Liberty Corporation helicopter so…

Meg: Of course he’ll do it! Right, Ben?

Ben: Of course! Let’s go!

Jude and Ben run out.

Meg: Its happening, Craig! Mom and dad and Jamie will be all right!
She hugs him and smiles.

Gregory’s office

Gregory (as signing some papers): Here you go, Annie! You always get what you want.

Annie: Not always, but… Thank you, Gregory. Or should I say: Partner?

Gregory: I hate you…

Annie: Good. I hate you to. Now see you later.

Annie leaves happy and Gregory stays in his office… furious!

Gregory: I’ll get you for this, Annie…

AJ’s office

Leo walks in.

AJ: Leo! You’re back! It’s good to see you, son.

Leo: Yeah, dad. I need your help.

AJ: In what way?

Leo: I need to get Emily from Sean.

Deschanel’s house

Cole and Caitlin come down the stairs. Olivia and Sean are there waiting for them.

As they are about to leave…

Olivia: I can't!

Cole: What?

Olivia: Cole, I can't go with you! It’s too painful… I can't watch my daughter being locked away.

Cole: Olivia, shut up!

Caitlin: Who is locking whom? Cole, where are you taking me?

Sean: Cait, why don’t we go out?

Sean takes Caitlin out.

Olivia: I can't, Cole. I’m sorry.

Cole: You need to be there for her, Olivia. Come on!

Olivia: No. I’ll just stay here and cry…

Cole: Olivia!

Olivia: No, Cole! I can't!

Cole just looks at Olivia and leaves. Olivia fells on floors crushed with pain. Bette walks in.

Bette: Livvy? Livvy, my God…

Olivia: Oh, Bette… She is gone! She is gone! My daughter…

Bette: What happened to Beauty?

Olivia: Cole took her to sanatorium…

South Bay General

Rae: Meg! Craig, good to see you.

Meg: I’m sorry, Rae, but the feeling is not mutual.

Rae: Fine. Look, your father had a heart attack, but it was caused by a virus.

Meg: Oh my…

Rae: As you heard the cure is coming...

Meg: Yes that’s great!

Rae: But! There is so little cure that you will have to choose, Meg. We can give it to your mom or your dad.

Craig: What? Can’t you give it to both?

Rae: No. So Meg, Craig… you two need to choose. Is it going to be your father or your mother?

Meg and Craig look at each other in pain.


Sunset Beach Forever #55

Airdate: 23.03.2000, Thursday

Surf Central

Antonio walks in. Gabi is there reading a magazine.

Gabi: Hi!

Antonio: Hi!

He kisses her.

Gabi: What happened? Your face is dark.

Antonio: Gabi… Ricardo left town.

Jack’s apartment

Jack, Paula and Ally walk in.

Jack: Welcome!

Paula: Thank you,

Jack: This isn't exactly a house you might have dreamed about, but it is a home. My home…and hopefully yours.

Paula: Don’t worry, Jack. This will be my home. Just give me time.

Jack: I’ll give you all the time in the world.

Paula smiles. She and Ally walk in their room.

Paula: Thank you for letting us sleep in separate rooms.

Jack: Your wish is my command.

Ally: Mommy?

Paula: Yes, honey?

Ally: Where is my daddy?

Maria’s place

Maria opens the door.

Maria: Billy!
Billy: Are you ready to go look for a job?

Maria: Billy, I don’t need you to come with me. I can do it by myself. And besides it would be a lot of help if you stayed and watched Benjy.

Billy: Maria, someone has a problem with you and he is not afraid when I am with you. Can you imagine what he could do when I am not with you? And besides Annie can watch Benjy.

Maria: I don’t know where Annie is.

Billy: Well then take Benjy to your mother. I am not leaving you.

Maria: OK. I will take him. Or I can take him to Antonio and Gabi!

Billy: Yea that would be great.

Maria: Benjy! Benjy, come down here! (No answer) Benjy? (Again no answer) Oh no!


Maria and Billy run upstairs.


Dr. McBride: She’s going to be fine here.

Cole: I’m not so sure.

Matt: She is in good hands. Dr. Owens is a good doctor. And you can visit her every day.

Cole: I will do that.

Sean: Yeah, and if not Cole then I will or mom.

Cole: Yes.

Caitlin and Dr. Owens come in.

Caitlin: Cole, Dr. Owens checked me and now we are done. Can we go home now?

Richards’ house

Gregory comes home. Bette is there alone.

Gregory: Bette! What are you doing here alone?

Bette: I put Livvy to bed. She was sedated. Tyus was here.

Gregory: What? Why did Olivia needed to be sedated?

Bette: We tried to call you…

Gregory: What happened? Is it Caitlin?

Bette: Yes. She was taken to a… sanatorium.

South Bay General

Craig: Dr. Chang, you are asking from us to choose will we let our mom live… or would we let our father live? This is not fair!

Rae: Life isn't fair, Craig, but you are still living it!
Meg: I am not going to choose and neither is Craig.

Rae: Well then we will just give the medicine to someone else.

Meg: No, wait!

Rae: Then say it! Will it be your mom or your dad?


Richards’ house

Gregory: What did you say?

Bette: I am so sorry. Caitlin… Beauty… she lost it. Greggy, she really lost it. She almost killer Brooke and Rachel.

Gregory: What? No! That was not my Caitlin! Not my princess!

Bette: I know it must be hard for you…

Gregory: Hard? Hard?! You don’t have a clue how I fell right now! Get out, Bette!

Bette: But, Gregory…

Gregory: Get out! Now! Out!

Bette exits and Gregory stays alone in pain.

Gregory: NOOOOO!


Cole: Can you leave us alone for a second?

Matt: Sure.

Everyone exits.

Caitlin: Cole, I really…

Cole: Be quiet. Caitlin… you remember how I said you are going on a place where you can sleep all day and do nothing… well this is it!

Caitlin: And I am supposed to stay here?

Cole: Yeah.

Caitlin: But look at all these people… they are locked in their rooms…Cole, you brought me to a sanatorium!

Cole: Yes, Caitlin. This is sanatorium.

Caitlin: I am not staying here. I will call my daddy and he won't let me stay here.

Cole: Wait! Please! Do you remember what happened today?

Caitlin: What?

Cole: You almost killer Rachel. Caitlin, you would never do that if you were ok.

Caitlin starts crying.

Caitlin: I never meant to kill Rachel… never…

Cole: I know. (Cole hugs her. Matt and Owens walk in.)

Matt: It’s time to go, Cole.

Steve takes Caitlin. Cole starts to leave.

Caitlin: Cole, no… No! Cole! Don’t leave me here! Cole! Coooooole!! No! Let me go! Cole! Please, don’t leave me! I love you! Cole!


Cole exits and reclines on a wall. He starts crying.

Cole: I am sorry, Caitlin. I am so sorry.


South Bay General

Meg: Rae, we need time. And besides, Jude hasn’t even brought the cure yet. Please let Craig and me talk this through.

Craig: Don’t you think we should ask Jamie and Sara to?

Rae: Look, I’ll give you time, but only until Ben and Jude return.

Meg: Thank you.

Rae leaves.

Meg: Let’s go see Jamie, since Sara is nowhere to be found.

They go.

Maria’s house

Maria and Billy run upstairs.

Maria: Benjy! Benjy, where are you? Benj…

She sees Benjy sleeping with his teddy bear on his bed.

Maria: Oh my God! I’m so sorry, Billy.

Billy: It’s ok! You see, Maria? You are worried to!

Maria: I am. I really am.

Billy hugs Maria and Benjy wakes up.

Benjy: Mommy?

Maria: Hey, sweetie! When did you fell asleep?

Benjy: I don’t know. Are we going somewhere?

Maria: Yes. You are going to stay with Uncle Antonio and Aunt Gabi and I am going with Billy to find a job.

Benjy: Yeah! I am going to be with Uncle Antonio! Yeah!

They all smile and exit.

Surf Central

Gabi: What do you mean left town?

Antonio: Gone! Moved! Sold his apartment! I went there to see him and there was this new guy saying that he bought this apartment.

Gabi: My God! Where could he go?

Antonio: I don’t know. But Gabi, I feel guilty. It’s like I drove him out of town.

Gabi: No… we both did. And Paula to. He trusted us and we failed that trust. He trusted Paula and she did it the same. It’s hard for him to live here.

Antonio: But he could still be happy here. It doesn’t have to be with you or Paula. There are so many beautiful girls. He could have found someone.

Gabi: But he chose to leave.

Antonio: And we are going to let him? Are we, Gabi?

Jack’s apartment

Paula: Ally, honey…

Ally: Why are we living with Jack instead of my daddy?

Jack: Ally, darling… I am your daddy now.

Ally: No! No! I want my daddy Ricardo!

Ally runs out of the room.

Paula: She just needs some time.

Jack: I know. But I have a feeling that she will never accept me as a father. For her it will be Ricardo all the time.

Paula: No, she is still little. She will learn to love you and appreciate you like a real dad.

Jack: I am her real dad!

Paula: I know. But she doesn’t know that… yet. But she will know. Give her time.

Jamie’s room

Jamie: And what now?
Meg: Well we have to choose.

Craig: Hey, but what about Jamie? And Ken? They are sick to!
Jamie: I’m sure they’ll give me the medicine last. I am one of the less sick people. But yeah, Craig is right! Ken needs the cure.

Meg: We are not here to discuss Ken. We need to decide should we help mom or dad.

Jamie: Well why don’t you ask Tyus. He will give you a professional opinion and also a friendly advice.

Meg: You are right. I will go see Tyus right away.

Meg exits.

Craig: This is really awful!

Jamie: Tell me about it…

Deschanel’s house

Cole walks in. He is crying. He closes the door and he sits on the floor. He puts his head between his knees. He remembers all the good times he had with Caitlin. That takes couple of minutes. After that he rises his head and stands up.

Cole: I won't give up, Caitlin. You will be all right and we will live happy again. I swear to you.

Richards’ house

Sean walks in and finds the living room all trashed. He sees Gregory on the porch.

Sean: Dad? What happened here? It’s like a hurricane passed here.

Gregory: How is she?

Sean: Who? Caitlin?

Gregory: Who else?
Sean: Not good, dad. Cole would never take her unless it was really necessary.

Gregory: I know. How did she take it?

Sean: Not good. She cried and screamed… I couldn’t take it so I left.

Gregory: You left?

Sean: Yeah, it was too painful…

Gregory: You left and left your sister without any support cause you were painful? What a selfish man you are, Sean!

Sean: What?

Gregory: You selfish son of…

Sean: Come on, say it! You will finally say what you wanted to say for years!

Sean looks at Gregory with hate and leaves. Gregory stays there in grief.

Surf Central

Antonio: He is my brother, Gabi.

Gabi: I know. He is my ex husband! Antonio, I know how you feel. I feel the same, but Ricardo is gone and we can't do anything.

Antonio: Gabi, he went after you when you left town.

Gabi: And now you want me to go after him? Antonio, I am with you now. Not with him. I care for you. Don’t you suppose to try and stop me?

Antonio: No, you don’t have to go! I am saying you should be supportive and get me going after Ricardo.

Gabi: This is insane. You are wrong, Antonio!

Someone knocks.

Antonio: Maria! Benjy, hey, man! Long time no see, huh?

They walk in.

Benjy: Mommy brought me to spend a day with you. Can I?
Maria: Yes, can he?

Antonio: Of course… but where are you going? You are going after Ricardo?

Maria: No.

Antonio: But you do know he left?

Maria: Yes, he came to say goodbye last night. Antonio, don’t go after him.

South Bay General

Meg: Tyus?

Tyus: Meg, come in!

Meg comes in and sits.

Meg: Tyus, do you know my father and mother’s condition?

Tyus: Yes. Rae explained everything to me. I know it’s a hard decision to make.

Meg: That’s why I came to you. By your professional opinion whom do you think I should save?

Tyus: You are talking like you are killing the other if you don’t pick him. You’re not. I say you should choose your father because he has a weak heart to. Your mother can wait.

Meg: Are you sure?

Tyus: Yes. Although I have to warn you that your mother’s condition can change.

Meg: But if it doesn’t, she will be able to live until you get more of the cure?

Tyus: That’s right.

Meg: OK, then you know! Give the cure to my father.

Deschanel’s house

Bette comes in.

Bette: Dim… Cole?

Cole: Bette!

Bette: I came to see how you’re doing. So how are you?

Cole: Awful. Crushed… I feel pain. I am hurt.

Bette: I’m so sorry. How is Beauty doing?

Cole: As I was leaving, she kept screaming: Cole, I love you! Don’t leave me here! And I left her there. Now I am starting to doubt my decision.

Bette: You did a good thing. Caitlin needs that and she will be grateful when she recovers.

Cole: I hope you’re right. God, I hope you’re right.

They hug and cry together.

Jack’s apartment

Jack: So are you happy that you chose me instead of Ricardo?

Paula: Yeah. I am pretty glad. But I will meet with Ricardo again and I will have to talk to him so…

Jack: Don’t worry. I believe in you and I believe that you can do it.

Paula: I know I can. But Ricardo doesn’t worry me. Ally does. I don’t know how she’s going to take all this. I should go talk to her.

Jack: Yeah, you do that.

Paula exits.

Jack: I will have you, Paula, forever!

Living room

Paula: Ally, honey?

Ally: Mommy, I want to see my daddy! I miss him!

Paula: I know you do, honey. I miss him to. But you have to get used on the fact that Jack is now your daddy.

Ally: No!

Paula: Yes! Look, Ricardo was your father for a while, but he isn't anymore. Believe me. Will you believe me?

Ally: OK.

She hugs Paula.

Surf Central

Antonio: Maria, how can you ask me not go after my brother? You should come with me!

Maria: He asked not to go after him for a while and I am going to make his wish. Look, I don’t have time to discuss this. Billy is waiting for me in the car and I have to go to UCLA. I am thinking of taking the offer for the job. See you later! And thank you for taking care of Benjy.

Gabi: You’re welcome, Maria.

Maria exits.

Gabi: Well what should we do for the rest of the day, Benjy?

Benjy: Why don’t we make a picnic on the beach?

Gabi: A picnic on the beach? Sure, why not? Antonio?
Antonio: Sure.

He smiles.

Deschanel’s house

Bette: So what next?

Cole: Nothing. We just wait and see. Time and doctors will heal Caitlin.

Bette: I hope so, Cole. I really do.

Cole: Goodbye, Bette.

Bette: Bye!

Bette leaves.

Cole: Oh Caitlin…


Caitlin (screaming and crying): Let me out! Cole! Please! Please, don’t leave me! Come back… please…I love you…Cole…

The beach

Gabi, Antonio and Benjy are at the beach. Benjy is playing in the sand and Antonio is helping him built a sandcastle.

Gabi: I will go buy us some sodas.

Antonio: Ok.

Gabi starts going but her wheel goes down in sand. Antonio goes to her and want to help her.

Gabi: No! Antonio, leave me alone! I need to learn to do things by myself.

She tries to get out of sand, but she fells out of the wheelchair.

Jamie’s room

Craig: Everything will be just fine. Mom and dad will be all right.

Jamie: I hope you are right.

Waiting room

Jude and Ben run in.

Jude: We got it! Tyus, Rae, here is the medicine!

Rae: Finally! I’ll give this one and you give that bottle. Meg, you said you...

Meg: My father!

Rae: Ok.

Rae runs to Hank’s room.

Meg: Ben, thank you! Thank you so much!

Ben: I would do it again, Meg.

Suddenly an alarm goes on in Joan’s room.

Tyus: Oh, my God! We are losing her!

Tyus and Rae both run in and close the door.

Meg: Oh, my God… Mom!



The virus storyline ends now and we go back to the usual storylines.

Sara & Casey marry; Benjy is kidnapped; Everyone finds out that Meg could be pregnant with Ricardo; Leo comes back; Ken proposes to Jamie and more...


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