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Together Again

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Together Again

AUTHOR: Krystle
NOTE: Focuses on the love triangles of Ben, Maria, Meg, Sara, Casey, Meg, and Caitlin, Cole and Francesca.

Susan Ward- plays Meg Cummings Ben's loving and maybe too trustful wife.
Clive Robertson-plays Ben Evans Meg's loving yet mysterious husband.
Christina Chambers-plays Maria Torres Evans English, Ben's not so dead ex wife who has remarried Ross English.
Brad Pitt-plays Ross English, Maria's new husband whom her mother predicted she would find love with.
Shawn Batten- plays Sara Cummings Mitchum, Casey's loving and naive wife. She is also Meg's sister.
Timothy Adams- plays Casey Mitchum, Sara's loving yet torn between two lovers husband.
Vanessa Dorman- plays Caitlin Deschanel, Cole's loving and deceptive wife.
Eddie Cibrian-plays Cole Deschanel,Caitlin's loving ex-jewel thief husband.
Lisa Coles-plays Francesca Vargas, a woman from Cole's past who has a few secrets up her sleeve.

Guest Appearence By:
Sarah Buxton- plays Annie Richards, Maria's best friend.

Episode One.
Maria's new house.

(Maria is sitting on her couch talking on the telephone)
Voice-Look, this has to be done soon.
Maria-I know, I know. I've almost got Ross convinced to head back to Sunset Beach.
Voice-Good, because if you want it you gotta come get it.
Maria-We'll be there before you know it. Oh, Ross, is home, gotta go.
Voice-Soon, Maria.
Maria-I know. Look, I gotta go.
(phone falls into receiver)
Ross-Hi, honey, how was your day?
Maria-Pretty uneventful. Honey, I was wondering, have you decided if we can go back to Sunset Beach?

The Richards Mansion

Caitlin-Cole, I feel that you are hiding something from me and I hate it can't you just tell me?
Cole-There is nothing going on. I'm not hiding anything from you, darling, you know I love you.
Caitlin- I know, darling, but all I can think about is that woman who we saw at lunch.
Cole- Look, I told you, Cait, Francesca is just a friend. We have known each other for years, that's all.
Caitlin-I believe you, Cole, but how could she know those things,those private things like when and where we got married?Have you spoken to her lately?
Cole-Yes, I have, Caitlin.
(Caitlin gasps)

Evans Estate.

Ben-Darling, did you sleep soundly?
Meg-Of course. Don't I always when I'm next to you?
Ben-We have such a big day ahead of us.
Meg-Well, Sara and Casey aren't expecting us for five hours.
Ben-Good, that gives us time for what I had planned.
Meg-What did you have planned, baby?
Ben-I thought maybe breakfast on the terrace, then a long walk on the beach and then we could catch our flight except we are going to fly there in my private jet.
Meg-Oh, honey, that is so sweet. I love it and I love you.
(they begin to make love)

The Richards mansion

Caitlin-When did you talk to her, Cole? And I want the truth this time.please.
Cole- The last time I spoke to her was when she called me two months after the wedding.
Caitlin-Two months!!!! How could you, Cole? I should have listened to my father when he warned me about you.
Cole-Caitlin, what are you saying? Just because Francesca called me after we were married doesn't mean anything.
Caitlin-Just tell me, were you and Francesca an item?
Cole-Way back when, yes, Cait, we were.

Maria's New House.

Maria-So is it okay? Can we go back to Sunset Beach?
Ross- Sweetheart, why would you want to go back there? It's nothing but bad memories of Ben and Meg.
Maria-Look, I didn't want to bring this up, but it would mean a lot to me to see Benjy.
Ross-Oh, that's why you have been pestering about it for the last few weeks.Maria- Excuse me? Pestering? I don't think so.(Maria storms off)
Ross-(yells in to Maria) We can go.
Maria-(yells back) FINE!!!!!!!!
(all a sudden a baby bursts out crying)

Evans Estate

Meg-Ben, Come on, we are supposed to be there in three hours.
Ben-Honey, we have plenty of time until we need to be there. Besides they can't renew their vows without the maitron of honor, can they?
Meg-I guess you're right. Oh, my God!!!!
Meg-My watch stopped, we are supposed to be there in an half an hour!!!!!!!!

Part Two
Previously On Together Again:

  • Caitlin found out that Cole and Francessca were an item.
  • A baby burst out crying in Maria and Ross' new home.
  • Meg and Ben are late for there holiday gathering with Sara and Casey.

    Episode Two.

    Same as before but we are now introduced to Sara and Casey.
    Mentioned: Carmen Torres (Maria's mom), Emily English(Ross' daughter),Benjy Evans(Maria's son) and Annie Douglas.

    Maria's House in England.

    (a baby bursts out crying)
    Maria- (yelling into Ross) Good going, Ross. After everything we went through to have her and you can't even be quiet when she's sleeping.
    Ross-How do you know that it wasn't your loud fine!!! that woke her.
    Maria-I know it wasn't.
    Ross-Look, darling, maybe it would be a good idea to go back to Sunset Beach. I could see Emily and you could see Benjy it would be great.
    Maria-Aww, honey, that would be the best Christmas present. I'm going to go call Annie and tell her, okay.

    Richards Mansion.
    Caitlin-How could you not tell me you and Francessca were an item. (yelling) How many secerets are there going to be in our marriage, Cole?
    Cole-I don't keep secerets from you, Cait, you just never asked about this before.
    Caitlin-So what, you still should have told me. We can't have any more secrets. You need to tell me. Is there anything else you are hiding?
    Cole-No, of course not, Cait, come here. (they hug) I love you.
    Caitlin-I love you too.

    Evans Jet.
    Meg-Wow, we are going to be so late.
    Ben-Call Casey and let him know, k. That way they won't worry.
    Meg-Good idea. (gets out phone and dials a number)
    Meg-Hey, it's me, Meg. We are going to be a little late, okay. We were delayed a little.
    Casey-Oh, okay. We were getting worried. You were to be here an hour ago.
    Meg-Yeah, we know, sorry. How's Sara?
    Casey-She's good, do you want to talk to her?
    Meg-No, thanks, honey, we are going to be there in about twenty five minutes anyway.
    Sara-(alarmed voice) Casey, get up here now!!!
    Casey-Meg, I gotta go, k. Sara needs to speak with me.
    Meg-k, see you soon say hi to her for me.
    Casey-See ya soon. By the way, we have a surprise for you.
    Meg-Okay, is Sara okay?
    Casey-Yeah, she's fine. Talk to you later.
    Meg-Bye.(hangs up phone, looks at Ben) Something's wrong, Ben. We have to get there soon.

    Sunset Beach Airport.
    Ross-Well, we're here, let's go check into a hotel.
    Maria-Why do that, we can just stay with mama. I'm sure she won't mind.
    Ross-All right, it has been a while since we've seen Carmen. (yells) TAXI!!.
    (they all get into the cab)
    Maria-135 MaryDon Road, and step on it, please, we're very cold.
    Taxi Driver-You got it, ma'am. (evil laugh)
    Ross-Um, sir, can you slow down, we're not that cold.
    (they both scream as the taxi driver slams into a tunnel wall)

    Richards Mansion.
    (phone rings)
    Caitlin-Cole, doll, can you get that, I'm just getting ready for a shower. Cole, hello? Damn it, Cole, you're on thin ice as it is.
    (phone continues ringing)
    Hang on, geez!
    (picks up receiver)
    Francesca-Hello, is Cole there?
    Caitlin-No, i'm sorry, he's not can I take a message?
    Francesca-Yeah, tell him Mia Bella called.
    Caitlin-Okay, bye.
    (they both hang up)
    Caitlin-Who is Mia Bella?

    Surf Central.
    Sara-(very alarming voice) Casey, get up here now.
    Casey-What's wrong?
    (sara starts sobbing)
    Casey-Sara? (opens door. Sara is on the floor sobbing)
    Sara-Casey, something is wrong-- very wrong.
    (Sara falls unconcious)
    Casey-Sara? Oh, my God!!
    (casey dials 911)
    Casey-Yeah, I need an ambulance here now. My wife just passed out. Thanks, bye.

    20 Minutes later at Surf Central.
    (meg knocks on the door)
    Meg-Sara, Casey, hello?
    Ben-Maybe they went out.
    Meg-They wouldn't have, honey, they knew we were getting here in about twenty minutes.
    Ben-You have a key, right?
    Meg-Oh, yea(unlocks door) Hello, Casey, Sara?
    Ben-Meg, there's a note.
    Meg-(reads the note) honey Sara is at the hospital we have to get there now.

    Next Episode:

  • Maria and Sara's fates are revealed.
  • Caitlin learns who Mia Bella really is.
  • A familiar face shows up to rock Meg and Caitlin's life.

    Episode Three

    Author's Note: Caitlin Deschanel is now being played by Kam Heskin.

    Characters: Same as other episode but we are now introduced to Annie Douglas, Hank Cummings, and Joan Cummings (Meg and Sara's parents), and Alex Mitchum (Casey's mother) and Tyus Robinson. Mentioned: Diane (Maria's Daughter)

    Central Hospital.
    Annie-Please, Maria, just wake up all I ask is that you wake up. You can't leave us now not after everything that has happened. Diane needs you so much and Ross and I what would we do without you please just wake up.
    (Maria starts to stir a little and her eyes flutter open)
    Maria-Where am I. Wha...What's going on? Ben.....where's Ben? Is he okay? Ben......
    Annie-Ben? Maria, you're married to Ross now, Ross English. Do you remember?
    Maria-Ross? Ross, oh, my god, is he okay? Oh, no, he's not dead, is he?
    Annie-Maria, I don't know much about Ross all I know is that you're okay and that is all that matters to me.
    Maria-But Ross is my husband and I need to know if he is all right.
    Annie-How about if I go get a nurse to come check you while I see how Ross is.
    Maria-Ok, that would be good. Thank you, Annie, no matter what anyone says you are a true friend.
    Annie-Thanks (she exits the room)(to herself) What am I going to do, how am I going to tell her that they think Ross will die.

    Another Part Of Central Hospital.
    Meg and Ben run into the hospital and see Casey standing there.
    Meg-Casey, what's going on what's wrong with Sara is she okay?
    Casey-Meg, our little surprise for you guys was that you are going to be an aunt and a uncle. Sara is pregnant.Ben-Oh, my god, that is the best news, congratulations. (he embraces Casey)
    Meg-What's wrong? Is she here for a normal checkup or is something seriously wrong?
    Casey-We're not sure. All I know is that when I got off the phone from you and went upstairs Sara was on the floor in pain crying; then she passed out and I called 911. Tyus said that it could be a miscarriage.
    Ben-Oh my gosh!!!!!!!!!
    Meg-Sara!!! I have to go call our parents. Casey, do they know that she is pregnant?
    Casey-Yes, they do.
    Meg walks out of the room.
    Ben-Im truly sorry, Casey, you know that Meg and I just suffered a miscarriage so if you need to talk, don't hesitate to call.
    Casey-Thanks, Ben, that's really nice but we don't know she might not have miscarried at all. It's just a possibility.
    Ben-I'm just saying what if.
    Casey-I get it, Ben.
    Tyus-I have information for you, Casey. Ben, nice to see you.My condolences on Meg's miscarriage.
    Ben-Thank you.
    Tyus-Shall I wait for Meg to get here?
    Casey-No just tell me what's going on? What happened?
    Tyus-Well, Sara didn't miscarry she was lucky.She just started having something called braxton hicks they are contractions but not really.
    Casey-But Sara is only five months pregnant.
    Tyus-That's what makes this so difficult. Sara is going to need to take it easy for awhile, ok, she was under massive stress and you Casey need to find out why.
    Meg-I think I know why.

    Richards mansion.
    Cole-Honey, I'm home.
    Caitlin-Mia Bella, Cole, who is Mia Bella?
    Cole-Mia Bella? Honey, that's Francesca, why?
    Caitlin-She called here, Cole, looking for you. I thought we were going to have an honest relationship?
    Cole-Honey, honey, honey, calm down. Mi, uh, Francesca, was probably just checking to see if we got home okay last night.
    Caitlin-Whatever, I'm out of here!!!

    Maria's Hospital Room.
    Maria-Ben, Ben, Ben,Ben,Ben, Ben.
    Nurse-We should sedate her until Tyus gets back.
    Nurse2-Good idea.
    Nurse3-But Doctor Robinson said that it wasn't a good idea to sedate.
    Nurse1-Oh, well, listen to her.
    Maria-Ben, Ben, Ben, Ben, Ben, Ben, Ben, Ben.
    Nurse2-We sedate.

    Outside Richards Mansion.
    Man-Well, Caitlin, I'm back. Just for you and Meg.(he knocks on the door. Caitlin is on her way out)
    Caitlin-(gasps) TIM!!

    Preview Of Next Episode:

  • -Meg reveals the reason Sara was under stress.
  • -Maria learns that Ross has a poor chance of survival and continues to say Ben's name over and over.
  • -Caitlin walks out on Cole and right into Tim Truman.

    Author's Note:I realize that the hospital name was changed. I apologize for any inconvenience.

    Episode Four

    Characters: Alex Mitchum(Casey's Mom).The rest are the same.
    Minor Characters: Nurse #1,2,3.Security Guards#1,2.Joan &Hank Cummings.
    Mentioned: Carrie Cummings.(Meg's Sister)

    Central Hospital.
    (outside Maria's hospital room)
    Annie-How am I going to tell Maria that Ross may die?
    Tyus-Annie, may I speak with you a moment?I must ask you not to tell Maria about Ross okay because I'm afraid it will send her into a downward spiral.
    Annie-Look, I can't promise anything. If she asks me I'm gonna tell her.
    Annie-No, I'm going to tell her now.
    Tyus-(grabs her arm and snaps his fingers) SECURITY! Please remove this woman, she is a danger to one of the patients.
    Security#1-Yes, Dr. Robinson.
    Security#2-You won't see her again.
    Annie-I'll be back, Tyus! You can't keep me from my best friend.

    Outside Sara's room.

    Ben-What do you mean, Meg? You know why Sara was under stress?
    Casey-Yes, please tell us.
    Meg-I just had a miscarriage and I think that she was nervous about telling us, especially after keeping it from us for five months.
    Tyus-I don't want you blaming yourself, Meg. Miscarriage is a commom thng in your family, ok. You had one, your mom had one, and so did your sister
    Carrie.You're not to blame.
    Meg-Yes, I am, damn it!!!

    Maria's Room.

    Maria-Ben Ben Ben Ben Ben Ben Ben Ben Ben Ben.
    Nurse#1-We have to sedate her.
    Nurse#3-but doctor Robinson said that her body couldn't handle anymore meds.
    Nurse#2-Well we have to listen to her.
    Nurse#3-I won't have any part of it(leaves the room)
    Nurse#1-Hold her down while I administer the needle.
    Nurse#2-Ok she's ready.
    Maria-(needle penitrates her skin)BEN!!!!

    Sara's Hospital Room.

    Sara-Casey? what's going on?
    Alex-Honey, it's Alex.Casey went to the cafe with Ben and Meg.
    Sara-They're here?
    Sara-What's wrong with me?
    Alex-Hon, let Casey or your parents tell you.You'll be glad to know though that you didn't miscarry.
    Sara-Thank god!
    (Joan & Hank walk in)
    Joan-Alex can we please talk to our daughter for a moment please?
    Alex-Sure c ya doll.
    Sara-Bye mom.
    (alex walks out)
    Joan-Honey we were thinking that if your baby is a boy you could name him Benjamen for Ben and Megan for Meg.
    Sara-What?!?!?!?!?!?!?!(Sara flatlines)

    Fifth Episode

    -we find out why Sara passed out.-Meg shocks all in a tragic way.
    -Maria is in danger due to Annie.

    Characters: The same.
    New: Carrie Cummings played by Lisa Rinna(ex-Billie DAYS)
    Minor: Nurse #1,2,3, Receptionist and security guards #1,2.

    Hospital Reception Desk.

    Meg-Excuse me but what are these pills?(points to a bottle of pills)
    Receptionist-There sleeping pills to help calm the patients.
    Receptionist-No problem.(turns around)
    (Meg downs the whole bottle)
    Meg-Well this solves my problems.All I gotta do now is wait.

    Sara's Hospital Room.
    (outside her room)

    Tyus-Mr and Mrs Cummings did you say anything that would have upsetted Sara enough for her to have gone into cardiac arrest?
    Joan-Oh my god the names!
    (Alex and Casey walk up)
    Casey-What the hell did you do Joan?You and Hank are always interfering in your daughters life.One of these days yor going to kill one of them.
    (Ben comes running up with Meg hanging limp in his arms)
    Ben-Tyus...Meg...Don't know...something...wrong....
    Tyus -Nurse get this woman to trauma room three. Her name is Megan Dawn Evans.Start a chart.
    Nurse#2-(comes running up) Dr.Robinson! Maria English is suffering from major hemhorraging in the brain.
    Tyus-I'll be right there. Nurse, get Mrs.Evans stabilised I'll be right there.

    Maria's Hospital Room.

    Maria- Ben Ben Ben Ben Ben Ben Ben Ben Ben BeNurse#2-Where is Tyus?
    Tyus-Here! Did you stop the hemhorraging?
    Nurse#2-Yes (looks at Tyus)
    Nurse#1-We found some------
    Nurse#3-internal bleeding in the spinal cavity.Also we have a spinal fluid leak.If we don't drain she'll die.
    Tyus-Good job, nurse drain, and I'll be back.
    (runs to Meg's room)

    Trauma Room #3.

    Tyus-Ben, you'll have to leave.
    Ben -Help her, please.(leaves the room)
    (Receptionist runs in)
    Receptionist-Tyus, some girl just downed a couple bottles of sleeping pills. OH, MY GOD, that's her, the girl your working on!!!!
    Tyus-OH NO!!! Come on, Meg, come back to us!!! Someone get me a stomach pump now!!!!

    20 minutes Later.
    (Tyus comes out of Meg's room)
    Ben-How is she, Tyus?
    Joan-Yes, Tyus, is she alive?
    Tyus-yes, barely.
    (Casey and Alex come running up)
    Casey-Sara wants to know how Meg is?
    (Ben shakes his head)
    Alex-Is she?
    Tyus-How's Sara, Casey?
    Casey-Good.She told me why she flatlined.It is because Joan and hank sugeested we name the baby Ben for a boy or Meg for a boy.Why would you sugest that, Joan?
    Joan-We simply wanted another Meg or Ben to adore.
    Casey-What?! You can't love our child for who it is?
    Joan-No that's not it.We just thought------
    Casey-You thought wrong and now both your daughters are in the hospital.
    (Carrie Cummings walks up)
    Carrie-Mom! How's Meg and Sara?
    Joan-Oh Carrie Sara's ok----
    Casey-No thanks to your mom.
    Joan- -----Meg's not to well though.
    Carrie-Can I see her?
    Tyus -Yes but not for long and don't overexert her.
    Carrie-Okay.(Carrie goes into Meg's room and closes the door behind her)I'm sorry Megan but i'm so tired of you being the center of attention.Sara's sick of it too she's just too coward to tell you.Megan I'm really sorry it had to come to kill you.(shuts off Meg's life support)
    Meg-(short loud gasp)
    Carrie-Say hi to Nannie and Grampie for me.(walks out of room)

    Maria's Hospital Room. P>Annie-Maria, Maria
    Maria-Annie,I think I'm dying. Tell Diane I love her.
    Annie-Your not going to die.But......
    Maria-But what Annie?
    Annie-Ross may Maria.
    Maria-No not Ross!(flatlines)
    Annie-Maria? Sh-t! Maybe I should have listend to Tyus.I gotta get out of
    here.(Annie runs out)

    Next Time On Together Again:
    -Will Maria die?
    -Why did Carrie turn off Meg's life support?

    Episode Six

    Minor:Joan &Hank Cummings.

    Tyus' Office.
    Tyus-(on the phone)I'm sorry Mrs.Torres but there was too much bleeding.
    Carmen-But she was so young how do you explain this huh.She had her whole life ahead of her.
    Tyus-I understand and I'm very sorry but there was nothing we could do.
    Carmen-You could've tried.(hangs up)
    Tyuss-I did try Carmen.Really I did.I'm very sorry.

    Outside Meg's Hospital Room.
    Carrie-(coming out of Meg's room)She's resting.
    Ben-Oh god if I lose her Hank.I'll never forgive myself.
    Hank-You,we won't lose her Ben.Not now not this young.
    Carrie-Daddy?I'm going to go call Jim and let him know what's up.
    Hank-Okay angel.
    (Carrie walks away)
    Ben-She's acting quite strangely don't you think Hank?
    Hank-Hey!We all adjust in our own ways.
    Ben-I know it's just she doesn't seem right.
    Hank-i think I know what your talking about. She seems robotic.
    Ben-I'm gonna go see Meg.
    (Carrie comes running up)
    Carrie-No you can't!!!!!

    Tyus' Office.
    (telephone rings &Tyus picks it up)
    Gabi-Hey Tyus.It's me Gab.
    Tyus-How are ya Gabi?
    Gabi-pretty good considering.
    Tyus-I'm so sorry Gabi.
    Gabi-Thank you Tyus and I'm sorry about the way Carmen treated you earlier it's just that Maria was her world.
    Tyus-I know.How's Ricardo and Antonio?
    Gabi-There okay.They miss her though.She was there sister.How's Ross?
    Tyus-He went into cardiac arrest after we told him about Maria.
    Gabi-Oh no! Is he?
    Tyus-No but it doesn't look good.
    Gabi-I don't mean to take up your time Tyus but how's Sara?
    Tyus-She's good.She didn't misscarry just some Braxton Hicks.You know, contractions that aren't really contractions.
    Gabi-I know what they are Tyus.
    Tyus-That's right I completely forgot! When are you due?
    Gabi-Next week, actually.
    Tyus-You know the sex?
    Gabi-Yep, it's a girl and we're going to name her Katherine Maria.
    Tyus-That's a beautiful name. Well I gotta go check on my Gabi-bye, say hi to Sara and Meg for me k.
    Tyus- Bye.
    (they both hang up)
    Tyus-She doesn't know about Meg.

    Meg's Hospital Room.
    Ben-I'm going in, Carrie, and you can't stop me.
    (Ben walks in Meg's room)
    Ben-Meg? Meg? Omg, Meg.(realizes Meg's not breathing so hits call button)
    Nurse-(runs in) omg CODE BLUE CODE BLUE!!!!!
    Tyus-Ben, you'll have to leave.
    Ben-What's wrong with her?
    Tyus-Her heart's stopped beating.
    (Ben walks ou,t dazed)
    Joan-Ben?What's going on?
    Ben-She's dead.
    Sara-No!!!(breaks down crying)

    Next Time On Together Again:
    -Is Maria really dead?
    -Will Meg die?
    -Why did Carrie turn off Meg's life support?
    -Gabi gets shocking news with tragic consequences.

    Episode Seven

    Characters: Same.
    Major & New Characters:
    Ricardo Torres-Maria's brother, Gabi's husband.
    Gabriella Torres-Ricardo's wife, Meg's best friend.
    Kayla Reynolds-portrayed by Amy Carlson (ex-Josie AW). Late 20's, has a connection to Meg Evans and Carrie Cummings.
    Alyssa Bourne-Portrayed by Kristen Storms (Belle, Days) her 16th birthday is tomorrow. NO RELATION TO MICHAEL! Past with Meg.

    Meg's Hospital Room.
    Meg-I'll never be able to thank you for saving my life, Tyus.I don't know why I took that bottle of pills.
    Tyus-I think you still blamed yourself for whats going on with Sara.
    Tyus-Meg, Sara's fine now. She just needs to rest now. Besides, she was under stress because of your parents.
    Tyus-Apparently they were telling her how to do everything, name the baby.
    Meg-Well, that's a relief!
    Tyus-Sara wants to know if you feel up to a visitor?
    Meg-Yea, of course.
    Tyus-Ok (leaves the room)
    (Sara enters)
    Sara-Hey, sis, I hear you're getting out for the holidays.
    Meg-Yes, thank goodness!!!
    Sara-I can't believe you still think I'm jealous of you.
    Meg-I didn't think that, I just thought that maybe I was upsetting you.
    Sara-You couldn't upset me. Don't ever say that, I love you and Meg if this baby is a girl I would like to name her Megan Deanna Mitchum. How about it?
    Meg-(crying) I think it's a great idea.Thank you, I'd be honored.
    Sara-No problemo babe.
    Meg-Great, well I better get some rest if I want to get discharged tomorrow.
    Sara-Ok.Well that is your polite way of kicking me out so I'll see you later.I love you.
    Meg-Love you too.
    (Sara leaves)
    Meg-I'm so glad I'm outta here tomorrow.I can't wait to confront Carrie on why she turned of my life support.
    The Next Day.
    Parking Garage Of The Cafe.
    Carrie-(to herself)What am I going to do damn it.If Meg remembers I turned off her life support, I could be jailed for attempted murder.
    (phone rings)
    Meg-Carrie I want to talk to you can you come over to surf central I'm home.
    Sara-Sure why not.
    Meg-See you then.
    Carrie-Bye.(they hang up)Oh my god she knows what am I going to do?(gets in her car)
    Surf Central.
    Casey-So Meg do you like being home?
    Meg-Yes and none of you have to worry about me attempting suicide again ok? I'm fine now.
    Sara-We believe you Meg don't worry about what we think.
    Ben-You really scared me there baby.don't do that again ok I love you to much to deal with that.
    Meg-I know(embraces him)Don't worry about me anymore ok I'm fine.
    (there's a knock at the door and Meg answers it)
    Meg-Carrie, how nice of you to join us. I called you two hours ago.
    Carrie-Yea, I had to go home and take care of a few things first.
    Meg-Come in, my life is in your hands, right?
    Carrie-What are you talking about?
    Meg-You know how you turned off my life support.
    Casey-What?? What is going on?
    Meg-Carrie came into my room last night right before I code blued and turned off my life support. I have it in my mind to tell Alyssa about all of this.
    Casey-I think she'll find out all of this anyways, I'm calling the police. You tried to kill your own sister.
    (a girl came in the room and stunned everyone)
    Girl-Mom, is this all true??
    Meg and Sara exchanged worried glances.


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