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  • 8-5: Soap Opera Teens Fan Fiction--a fanfiction site for the teens of GH, AMC, OLTL, DOOL, Y&R.
  • 4-20: Twisted GH Fanfiction: What would GH be like if your characters were with different people or had different storylines? Read the Twisted GH fanfiction and find out.

    General Sites

  • ABC Daytime
  • GH Page
  • GH Online
  • World of General Hospital
  • Chat Rooms
  • MediaDomain--GH
  • SoapZone Chat Rooms
  • Yahoo! Chat Calendar

    Chat Transcripts
    See also individual cast/character pages, listed at the right.

  • Soap Opera Digest
  • Yahoo!

    Fan Fiction

  • Fanfic Castle
  • Fan Fiction Message Exchange--Jax fanfic board.
  • General Hospital Parody and Fiction Page
  • Jason and Robin FanFiction
  • Jason and Robin Online
  • The Jaxcave
  • Jax Fan Fiction Page
  • SoapZone Fanfic Board
  • World of General Hospital


  • GH Online--photo identification, rhyming games, more.

    General Soap Sites
    Covering multiple daytime soaps.

  • About Soaps
  • Mediadomain Soaps
  • Soap Opera Central
  • Soap Opera Online Directory (links)
  • TV Guide




  • General Hospital Parody and Fiction Page
  • The Jaxcave


  • Daytime Treasures
  • Soap Duds

    Message Boards

  • Coffeerooms GH Board
  • Fan Fiction Message Exchange
  • General Hospital Discussion Group
  • SoapZone Board


  • ABC Daytime
  • GH News, Scoops, Rumors & Humor
  • TV Guide
  • World of General Hospital


  • General Hospital Review
  • GH News, Scoops, Rumors & Humor
  • World of General Hospital

    Photo Galleries
    Photos of individuals are also located on specific Cast/Character sites, listed at the right.

  • ABC Daytime
  • GH Online
  • World of General Hospital


  • ABC Daytime


  • ABC Daytime
  • GH Online
  • TV Guide--same-day recaps.


  • ABC Daytime
  • Gedsterns GH Scoops
  • GH News, Scoops, Rumors & Humor
  • GH Online Scoop
  • TV Guide Previews
  • World of General Hospital


  • Robert and Holly Transcripts


  •   Listings change: Cast sites and Character sites are now listed separately. If an actor's name is in the site title, that site will be listed in the Cast section. If a character's name is in the site title, that site will be listed in the Character section. Cast sites are listed first, with Character sites listed below.

    General Sites

  • ABC Daytime
  • GH Online--character guide.
  • IMDB Credits

    Réal Andrews (Taggert)

  • Official Réal Andrews FanClub Website
  • Unofficial Real Andrews Page
    Maurice Benard (Sonny)
  • Maurice Benard Connection
    Leslie Charleson (Monica)
  • Leslie Charleson Fan Club
    Stuart Damon (Alan)
  • The Prince Pages: A Stuart Damon Tribute
  • Stuart Damon Website
    Anthony Geary (Luke)
  • The Anthony Geary Webpage
  • Cool Hand Luke: A Tony Geary Website
    Rebecca Herbst (Elizabeth)
  • Becky Herbst Online
    Wally Kurth (Ned)
  • Kurth and Taylor Online
    Ingo Rademacher (Jax)
  • Ingo Rademacher Net
    Kristina Wagner (Felicia)
  • Kristina Wagner Online
  • Wagner World.Com
    Billy Warlock (A.J.)
  • Unofficial Billy Warlock Website
    John J. York (Mac)
  • John J. York Online
    Jacob Young (Lucky)
  • Jacob Young Fansite
  • (official)

    Former Cast
    George Alvarez (Garcia)

  • Unofficial George Alvarez Homepage
    Sarah Brown (Carly)
  • Sarah Brown Online
    Steve Burton (Jason)
  • Steve Burton Fan Page
    Lisa Cerasoli (V)
  • Club Cerasoli-the Official Lisa Cerasoli Fan Club
    Tristan Rogers (Robert)
  • Tristan Rogers Online
    Michael Saucedo (Juan)
  • Michael Saucedo Online
    Amber Tamblyn (Emily)
  • Amber Rose Tamblyn Site
  • Official Amber Rose Tamblyn Fan Club Website

    Character Sites

  • Fans Of Alexis


  • Rabet's Secret Patch: Stefan Cassadine


  • Java Junkies
  • Keeper of Jax and V's Hearts
  • Meg's Jax and Venus Corner


  • The Canvas


  • The Scorpio Files
  • The Scorpios


  • Sonny and Carly's Den of Passion


  • The Life and Times of Carly Benson Luke's World
  • The Spencer Fan Page
  • Unofficial Spencer Homepage


  • Alex and Luke--Partners in Crime
  • Alexis and Jax
  • Cesar Faison