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Recent Additions:

  • 3-20: Days and Passions Lovers--A MEGA site for both Days and Passions. Has exclusive spoilers, news, rumors and SO much more for both shows. Also offers fan-interactive features and slideshows. Updated daily.
  • 5-2: Chrystee
  • 5-2:
  • 7-10: Official Andrea Evans Web Site--Rebecca.
  • 7-10: Rodney Van
  • 7-29: Passions Fan Fiction Vault--Directory of Passions Fan Fiction.
  • General Sites

  • Passions--games, links, polls, etc.
  • Access Passions
  • Cheryl's Passions Page
  • Dustin's Passions Page--recaps, spoilers, news, etc.
  • NBC Passions--official site. Cast bios, show background, recaps, spoilers, etc. You can also read Theresa's diary, see a map of Harmony, and buy merchandise.
  • Passions Central--recaps, trivia, multimedia, etc.
  • Passions, Eh?
  • Passions Insider
  • Passions Network
  • Passions Online (1)--lots of material.
  • Passions Online (2)
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