Sunset Beach Fan Fiction
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  • Annie's Back by Akira
  • Annie Wants to Be a Millionaire by Lisa (40K)
  • I Feel Petty by Gloria (3K)
  • Trapped in an Episode of Sunset Beach by Lisa
  • Antonio/Gabi/Ricardo
  • Antonio's Confession by Nate Millado (3K)
  • Choices by Jennifer (120K)
  • The Crime Boss of Sunset Beach by Lisa (35K)
  • Deceptions by Mandy (34K)
  • Love Endures by Dani
  • The Love of Two Men by Drina (165K)
  • A Love Rediscovered by Drina (187K)
  • One Moment by Jen (21K)
  • Someone to Love by Lynn (114K)
  • Spellbinding Love by
  • Ben/Meg
  • And Baby Makes Three by Dani
  • Club Zero by Guy Williams (20K)
  • Consequences by
  • The Flip Side/Let It Ride by Guy Williams (21K)
  • Full Circle by Paula (unfinished)
  • Greeneyedlady/Greenlineshady by Guy Williams (19K)
  • A Husband for Bette/The Penguin's All Wet by Guy Williams (18K)
  • It's My Wedding by Debbie Logan
  • Kansas Story by Grace
  • Love Conquers All by Dani
  • Love Endures by Dani
  • Meg and Ben's Wedding by (3K)
  • The Picture by Ashley (54K)
  • Playing With the Joker Card/Batman Hits Back Hard by Guy Williams
  • Riddles Hit the Beach/Batman Has a Lesson to Teach by Guy Williams (17K)
  • Trip To Seattle by Grace (128K)
  • Uncertainties by Dani
  • The Uninvited Guest by Lisa (12K)
  • Cole/Caitlin
  • Hidden Feelings by
  • I'll Be Home For Christmas by Jennifer (6K)
  • Love Knows No End by Nate Millado (37K)
  • Ode to Cole and Caitlin Deschanel by tofu (2K)
  • Together Again by Krystle
  • Together Forever by Ona and Alice
  • Towards The Sunset by Akira
  • You Have Got A Mail by Ona
  • Virginia/Michael/Vanessa
  • Lies by Pat Dunn (6K)
  • Virginia's Evil Web by Laura Christine
  • Virginia's Exposed by Michael Sandner
  • Sean/Emily
  • The Betrayal by Anonymous (4K)
  • Christian by Akira
  • The Haunted House by Steven (12K)
  • Mummies and Weddings by (22K)
  • Sean and Emily: A Love Destined To Be by Tiffani (unfinished)
  • cast
    Multiple Characters
  • Always by Denise (69K)
  • Another Scream in Sunset Beach by Steven Jones (40K)
  • Before Sunset by Senia
  • Confusion (28K)
  • If Only by Rebecca Thorne (incomplete)
  • Poetry, Page One by Laura Christine (4K)
  • Poetry, Page Two by Laura Christine (4K)
  • Scream in Sunset Beach by Steven Jones
  • Something to Live For by Grace (300K)
  • Sunset Beach Forever by
  • Sunset Beach It Lives On by Marc
  • Sunset Beach the Sequel by Rebecca Thorne
  • Sunset Beach 2000
  • Sunset Dolls by Jennifer (8K)
  • Miscellaneous
  • Amnesia: The Forgotten Days by Rebecca (4K)
  • The Birth of Maria by kp (5K)
  • Days of Our Lives Meets Sunset Beach by Lisa (on hiatus)
  • Deception by Gehan (4K)
  • Love in the Sunrise by kp (3K)
  • New Beginnings by Christina Daniels (44K)
  • The Torres Family: The '80s by kp (7K)
  • When Fate Takes Over (Gregory/Olivia) by Sophie
  • The Young & the Restless in Sunset Beach by Nick Chambers (55K, unfinished)