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Spyder Games is the new MTV soap co-starring Shawn Batten (Sara) and Christina Chambers (Maria). It will air a total of 65 episodes. NOTE: The premiere date has been pushed back yet again. The show will now debut on June 18 at 7 p.m. Eastern time. Check the Spyder Games website just in case the airdates change one more time.

Below article is from Soap Opera Weekly, June 12, 2001 issue.

After gathering cobwebs on the shelf for more than six months, Spyder Games is finally making it to the air. MTV originally planned to air its first daily soap last November, but opted for a summer debut. At press time, the first episode was set to bow June 4, and air three times daily. [NOTE: Debut was pushed back to June 18 and the show might air as infrequently as once daily--it's hard to tell from reading MTV's website.]

SG focuses on the trials and tribulations of the Carlisle family, who own a huge Internet company. Several characters cross paths with the Carlisles, including the conniving Taylor Jones, played by Christina Chambers, who relishes the vixen role. "She's a far cry from Maria," Chambers says with a laugh, referring to her former goody-goody Sunset Beach character. "Taylor's bad, bad, bad...a real opportunist, and basically keeps all the happy stories from being too happy." Taylor's so bad that she beds 16-year-old Sasha Carlisle in the first episode!

Chambers also reveals that SG starts with a bang. "At the end of the first episode, one of the characters is killed off," she says, adding that viewers will be constantly tantalized. "The show's very fast-paced, and there's a cliffhanger at the end of every episode. So if you miss an episode you miss a lot."

Where Are They Now?
More information will be added periodically.

TIMOTHY ADAMS (Casey): Played Rob Layne on Guiding Light from May to June 2000.

SHAWN BATTEN (Sara): Plays Natalia in the MTV series called Spyder Games. Write to her c/o "Spyder Games"; 5842 Sunset Boulevard; Bldg. 11, Suite #101; Hollywood, CA 90028. ALSO: Appeared on an episode of The Lone Gunmen. In the episode where Jimmy broke his leg, she was his nurse. A decent-sized role.

SARAH BUXTON (Annie): her role as Morgan on The Bold & the Beautiful recently came to an end.

KRISSY CARLSON (Amy): appeared in 12 episodes of the MTV series Undressed. Was a cheerleader for the XFL, the low-rated football league that aired on NBC in spring 2001.

CHRISTINA CHAMBERS (Maria): Like Batten, Chambers has a role on Spyder Games, the new MTV series. Write to her c/o "Spyder Games"; 5842 Sunset Boulevard; Bldg. 11, Suite #101; Hollywood, CA 90028. Appeared in an episode of the CBS series CSI, the one in which the team investigated a death aboard an airplane.

HANK CHEYNE (Ricardo): no news yet.

EDDIE CIBRIAN (Cole): Cibrian plays Jimmy on the new NBC nighttime series Third Watch. The show airs at 10 p.m. Eastern Monday nights. Cibrian also appeared in an NBC miniseries called In the Beginning (various Biblical stories), and will play Heather Graham's fiance in the movie Say It Isn't So.

LESLEY-ANNE DOWN (Olivia): had roles in the movies The King's Guard, The Perfect Wife, The Winchester Ghost, and a yet-untitled Disney film.

ADRIENNE FRANTZ (Tiffany Thorne): Frantz played Tiffany in early 1997. Shortly after leaving Sunset, she was hired as Amber on The Bold & the Beautiful. She just won an Outstanding Younger Lead Actress Emmy for that role.

PRISCILLA GARITA (Gabi): Appeared in the 2000 season finale of Diagnosis Murder. Was set to co-star in Titans but was replaced. Moved from Los Angeles to the East Coast.


JASON GEORGE (Michael): has appeared on Arli$$, Moesha, Friends, Girlfriends, Roswell. Had a regular role on Titans, which was cancelled.

DAX GRIFFIN (Tim): His Fox series, Opposite Sex, was cancelled after airing briefly in the summer of 2000.

JOYCE GUY (Mrs. Moreau): She played a nurse on the Jan. 9, 1999, episode of the Lifetime series Any Day Now. This role could possibly become recurring. Incidentally, Any Day Now, like Sunset, is produced by Aaron Spelling.

KAM HESKIN (Caitlin): Heskin and former co-star Randy Spelling (Sean) play lovers in a new movie, Held For Ransom.

KELLY HU (Rae Chang): Hu had a part on the CBS series Martial Law, which has been cancelled.

SEAN KANAN (Jude): is Deacon on The Bold & The Beautiful.

NICK KIRIAZIS (Antonio): not much news on him at all. Appeared in at least one episode of Titans but the show was cancelled and his episode/s have not aired in the U.S.

TRACY LINDSEY MELCHIOR (Tess): recently had a baby. Had a three-day role on Passions in 2000. Is joining Bold & the Beautiful as Kristin Forrester.

KATHLEEN NOONE (Bette): put acting on hold and went back to school. Received a master's degree in spiritual psychology. Founded a company called Emotional Fitness. Counsels entertainment-industry professionals. Appeared on Days of Our Lives for a few episodes in February 2001.

CLIVE ROBERTSON (Ben): nothing is set yet.
You can write to him at: Clive Robertson; P.O. Box 245; 12400 Ventura Blvd.; Studio City, CA 91604

SHERRI SAUM (Vanessa): her Showtime series Beggars and Choosers was cancelled. Just finished a role in the independent film Finding Home.

RANDY SPELLING (Sean): co-starred with Heskin in the movie Held For Ransom.

NICK STABILE (Mark): starred in the 1998 movie Bride of Chucky. Appeared in an episode of Charmed, was on Dawson's Creek. Played Dennis Wilson in the NBC miniseries The Beach Boys: An American Family.

MICHAEL STRICKLAND (Brad): is still auditioning, but focusing on becoming a personal trainer.

GORDON THOMSON (A.J.): had a recurring role as FBI Agent Hal Freeman on Passions. Appeared as recently as December 2000.

CONSTANCE TOWERS (Julianna): Towers, who appeared as Cole's grandmother in 1997, has been playing Helena on General Hospital for the last few years.

SUSAN WARD (Meg): played a small role in the upcoming movie Going Greek. Recently adopted a boxer puppy named Dixie that takes up a Her movie The In Crowd was released on July 21, 2000, but performed poorly at the box office. She also had a lead role in Day One, a pilot for the WB that was not picked up.