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The safest place to buy diamonds is on the net. This is why


The Truth about Ideal Cut

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Let me use my expertise to find a perfect diamond for you


 Diamonds are expensive. Diamond Technology is extremely complex. Its not worth taking a chance purchasing from untrained shop assistants.

Although there is plenty of good technical information available on the net, you could just not learn enough in the short time usually available for shopping. So why not use an expert that knows all the traps.

My service is absolutely free to you

Who am I?

I am a retired diamond grader now living in Australia, I spent more than 40 years grading diamonds in Antwerp, Israel and New York..


This is how I work

Send me an E-Mail and tell me what you are looking for. Your e-mail must include your name and contact telephone number.

I search the inventories of all the major Australian Diamond Importers and then the International markets through Rapnet and Polygon.

Once I have found what I feel represents the best quality and price to suit your needs I will arrange for the owner of the diamond to contact you.

What type of companies will contact you with the diamonds I recommend..

All suppliers have been thoroughly  screened and will always be members of good standing within the diamond industry.

They will all be affiliated to there respective trade associations or graduates of major international diamond laboratories.

Value Diamond

I have included a page where I will post diamonds available that I consider to be exceptional value and quality

The 4C's Tutorial

I have included a short tutorial on the four C's plus a link to the GIA grading presentation. Do take a minute to familiarise yourself with some of the technicalities.

Then Leave the rest to me.

Looking forward to helping you.

Dr. David Rubin  (M.sc.Geology  GIA DD )