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Re-celled Price (US$)

Trimble 571 204 270 571204270

 4.0Ah NiMH



Trimble 571 242 460 571242460

 2.0Ah NiMH


INSERT - You Do Repair


$55 order now

Trimble 32364-00


 7.0 Ah SLA


INSERT - You Do Repair


$45 order now

Trimble 4800 PowerLite Battery
Part No. 31030-00
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New re-cells give significant increase in performance over OEM...2.4 Ah old...4.4 Ah new!!!

 4.4 Ah Li-Ion

(See Note 1)



  Trimble 571 126 277, 571 126 287, 571 126 309 571126277, 571126287, 571126309


  Power Stick Battery..........2.0Ah NiMH..........WE DO RE-CELL..........$149

  Power Stick..........No Power (see Note 2)..........Repair Connection..........$49

  Extended Life Charger..........Double Life of Battery (see Note 3)..........Over-Night Charger..........$69


Note 1 - Original (OEM) PowerLite batteries were manufactured using Li-ion 2.4 Ah cells. Li-ion battery packs have not been re-celled previously using Li-ion cells with any measure of success due to the lack of availability of new cells to do the work. Most re-cellers were using surplus lap-top battery packs and salvaging the cells, which were usually too old already to give a good performance. We are now able to attain brand new Li-Ion cells at a much higher capacity than OEM cells originally used by TRIMBLE. These re-celled packs will last longer between charges (at least 8 hrs) and give a much longer life-span than previously re-celled packs. We strongly recommend you send us only previously un-opened PowerLite packs as these will give the best results. Previously opened PowerLite packs with a radial cut around the pack may not be salvageable, but if that is all you have we will try and make do with them.

Note 2 - In some Power Sticks, the cells get loose inside the tube and eventually break the connections in the pack resulting in a sudden no-power condition of the pack. These connections can be repaired and cells secured in the tube.

Note 3 - Original (OEM) Power Stick charger is designed to be a smart fast charger (i.e. 3 to 4 hrs). As the Power Stick battery ages (after 1 or 2 years) the internal resistance of the cells in the pack starts to increase and the original charger will no longer charge the Power Stick properly, rendering the pack to give poor performance. This problem can usually be overcome to extend the life of the pack significantly by using our over-night constant-current slow charger, which ignores the higher internal resistance of an aging battery pack.

We repair Trimble 5601 5602 5603 5605 4700 4800 3305 3303 3602 3603 3602 3603 battery pack batteries.