No application is necessary, simply follow the entry procedures listed for the specific contest you are eligible for.

MY POEM WAS PUBLISHED IN MY SCHOOL LITERARY MAGAZINE, CAN I STILL ENTER IT? Yes. Poems published in local or school publications will not be disqualified as long as the poet has not assigned the copyright to some other party.

AMERICAN STUDENTS STUDYING ABROAD - Students who are temporarily studying abroad but are American citizens and have an APO, FPO, AE, or a stateside mailing address are still considered eligible.

CAN I ENTER A POEM IN YOUR CONTEST THAT I HAVE ALREADY SUBMITTED TO ANOTHER CONTEST? We do not recommend entering one poem into more than one contest at the same time. (Either our contests or some other organization.) It almost always causes problems somewhere along the line. Two exceptions would be;

a PREVIOUSLY rejected poem that has been significantly reworked or

one that was entered in a local or school contest and still qualifies as in the question above

I HAVE A REALLY GREAT POEM BUT IT'S 24 LINES, IS THE 20 LINE RULE HARD AND FAST? Yes, after all, that is the challenge, isn't it?

POEMS IN FOREIGN LANGUAGES...Our judges, as a whole, are generally only fluent in English. Therefore, we must insist that entries be primarily in English. Phrases in foreign languages can be useful, and, if used, should provide a translation somewhere on the page.

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