FYI - The Live Poets Society teen poets club was originated and is maintained by some of the previous winners of our contests. We have allowed them to use our name and to link up to our site because we admire their initiative, are convinced of their high ethical standards, and are in line with their feeling that sharing poetry is the ultimate goal of writing poetry.

We also feel that the individuals involved with this club understand that encouragement is necessary to the growth of young poets. We hope that you will make yourself at home here and join in on the conversation.

We would like to recommend, though, in order to avoid extra spam that you do not make your e-mail address public.

WE WOULD ALSO LIKE IT KNOWN THAT WE IN NO WAY SANCTION ANY ACTIVITY BY poetry.com or any of their affiliates the National Library of Poetry and the International Library of Poetry, among others. We consider them to be a sales organization and not a poetry organization. Their banner ad on the groups page was placed there by the server and if we could find a way to have it removed we would glady do so. We have no connection with them in any way except for that unfortunate situation and do not recommend their services in any way, shape, or form. It is partly because of experiences which most of us here have had with their company that we decided to create an organization that focused on the sharing of the poetry rather than the pocket of the poet.


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