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Live Poets Society of NJ

Ashes Spring-Summer 2005 Winners, as well as the winner of The Easterday Poetry Award for the 2004-2005 school year, have yet to be determined. They will be posted on Labor Day 2005. Here are the winners from our Fall-Winter 2004 contest, who will also be in the running for the Easterday Poetry Award for the 2004-2005 school year.


The Dictators
     after Pablo Neruda

A granite fountain stands in the center of an open plaza,
paved with gold. The trickling of water fills the empty
square and floats to carved stone steps, to heavy iron doors.
Shadows fall from razor peaks darkening the grand palace.
Splashing water journeys up blue tiled walls, above
the flag pole. The banner sings to the fountain,
telling of the suffering of its people.

Eight boys shot for daring to laugh; fathers executed
in the soccer stadium; children jailed, children burned.
Mist swallows their stories as it ascends, rising
past snowy mountains that gouge the sky, rising
to a cool sun. Beyond even cloud, where sky
fades from blue to black, mist whispers to the night,

wind listens and hardens into a fist, rolling and spinning,
crashing down upon the land in a torrent of rain. Streams churn
to brown rivers, swell, rampaging across the barren desert.
Dams burst, concrete and steel ruptured, flung into oily water
like copper casings from a machine gun. This spreading fury
engulfs the land, parting only for mud homes, toppling the city.

Steven Fredericks, MT, Big Sky High School


In which we walk

Curry burns the back of my nose as my feet brush Nicollet pavement. I look
    to the right and see an old man climbing an ear of corn,
but it is only a poster. I remember us in the grasp of this man on kernels.

Glass is winking high around me. Mangoes and sticky rice swirl inside my belly,
       pressing against my naval. And all at once
there are your kisses, laced with metal and a veil of flesh,
       pressing too close for comfort. I look up to see if you are waving from the top a skyscraper,

But only a goose,
         frothing from his beak, passes overhead.
My pants feel heavy and it is a moment before I realize there is bamboo and coconut milk
in the cuffs of my jeans. Through the cracks in the buildings
      I see cars blurring by, their constant vibration crawls into the hum of every molecule.

      A woman by the side of the road pushes back her thinning hair before offering dill
and tomatoes through her teeth.

          I am still walking, passing Hennepin on my left, the road Cloud Man built as the congealing of
his desperation pushed snow into his lungs. I see you in the corner of my eye, but before I can catch you
in my eyelashes I am distracted.

            Distracted by the goose shrieking in the air, his frothing
saliva burning holes into the sidewalk as a
heart falls from my forehead

Danielle Miller, MN, PCAE Arts High School



Lips tremble, the night beats, the jungle breathes.
Allow me to journey into the night of your arms,
in the moisture of your eyes cast a boat and listen to the tale of a pearl.
Allow me to suspend time in the tangles of your hair.

The wind shatters into a thousand mirrors as it searches your face. A distant pennyroyal cries.
The fountain of your lips turns time into dust.
The sun ceases to bleed.
Darkness comes like the breaking of a leaf, like the smell of the sea.
You look at the jungleís roof, starlight runs through our veins.
The string of mystery trembles when you smile.
You feel closer to me than moisture to grass, than warmth to a birdís nest.

You ask me how long it takes for grapes to mature. I have no answer.
The brook is near.
Letís take off our shoes.
Letís understand the dimensions of sand.
Letís place heaven between the two syllables of water,
And allow the fragrance of solitude to dwell under the bush.

The jungle ceases to breathe.

A twig breaks beneath us and the juices of herbs flow toward eternity.

Sepehr Rejai, CA, Rodriguz high school


Aphorism 146

she is using my books
to flatten the edge of the carpet
where it has rolled again
so obstinately back
like the wound in this house that is farthest from healing or
a curled lip the very beast
she has been beating back for years and
I'm not sure how Nietzsche
even in all his poignant glory is going to help her now
stacked there on the floor on the cover
his expression stern forever mouthing out a warning
against her endless fight with the monster
Raïssa Huntley, CO, Poudre High School


as lilac streaks alight the sapphire sky
the jolts of ice pervade my heart with rues
torn shadows of my soulless self now lie
dead static with the fading twilight blues
the distant rumble of the fatal knell
had summoned up a storm that flung the dove
into the caustic flames of bitter hell
and scattered ashes of a crimsoned love
on broken wings, you threw yourself aloft
into the fractals of oblivion
for shards of jaded moments is your soft
reflection lost in deep obsidian
  what use to wish your aura not sublime
  along with swirls of evanescent time
Sarah Leung, RI, La Salle Academy

Clad only in a
Shaving-cream lace,
She conforms,
Pink, daisied razor
In hand,
Scraping off what
Was given
To please them.
Sarah Powers, OK,
  Lawton Sr HS


in random order

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White Bones Live - Sarah Tuttle, MA, Newman School
Coffee House in Winter - Tim Wilfong, CO, Denvrt School of the Arts
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perched upon the wings of cidcadas - Brian Nelson, NV, Comm College HS W
Might Hike in the Wasatch Mountains - Jennifer Niedfeldt, UT, Lone Peak HS
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The Future of Hometown America- Joshua Woehlke, KY, Heath HS
Revelation - Jenna-Rose, TX, Hargrave HS
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The Return to Thanatos - Divya Nair, GA, Central Gwinnett HS
Locked Door - Laura Mae Palmiotto, VA, Fluvanna County HS
Husk - Katherine Funke, IA, Dubuque
Backyard Faith - Lisa Marie Meissner, WI, Dominion HS
Caveat Emptor - Wendy Lin, TX, Plano East Sr HS
Her Story was not Sad Enough - Linnea Esselstrom, WA, Camas HS
Generation Gap - Daniella Zalcman, MD, Holton-Arms School
Deserted - Adrianna Meraz, WI, Milwaukee HS of the Arts
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