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No Shop Day: Our Kitchen Squat Cafe 29th Nov 2003





Funny this wasn’t the first time we’ve been involved in some kinda action in Ireland without a sneaky contingency plan for rain up our sleeves. You think we’d have learnt by now. Maybe it’s just a reflection on our eternal optimism (it helps when your trying to over throw the capitalist system & create a new world order). Anyway No Shop Day in Belfast was kinda a wash out. It pissed down. We got wet. It pissed down some more. Everything that could possibly go wrong went wrong…


Anyway we still managed to pull out some minimalist street theatre in the bandstand in Cornmarket & have a good laugh at ourselves. Everyone else was in too much of a hurry to get into shops out of the rain. I think next year we’ll plan some actions inside the shopping centres.  


Later that afternoon the ‘our kitchen’ clandestine chef crew dried out their trousers & chopped & cooked up a warming winter stew & rice. A reconnaissance crew assembled at the ‘secret location’ blacked out windows, arranged a café space & lit candles.


Around 25-30 people showed up for the café. & It turned out to be a great night. There’s was some discussion on upcoming actions & plenty of interest in liberating space for future social/cultural events. Music was supplied by Hornby playing an instrumental acoustic set of intricate repetitive twinkley music that had a lot of people closing their eyes & nodding their heads. & followed by Mark Malone (or is he known as Sound Migrations these days?)  with a set of mellow songs about love & borders & missing trains. The atmosphere was really chilled out & everyone went of on a buzz scheming about where we'd do it next time...


Watch this space for details on ‘our kitchen’ squat cafes. Or alternatively there’s a lot of empty buildings & food going to waste out there…








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