~Handcrafting in the Foothills of the Great Smoky Mountains~
Fair Laigh Farm's Hand-Milled Soap
Handmade soaps made with fresh goats' milk are one of the most pleasant benefits of fresh milk from our dairy goats. The quality of the soap and benefits to the skin are more than worth the effort to produce them. Check out your local library for books on soapmaking.
Handspun yarns
Socks I knitted using a wool-blend yarn are toasty warm when the cold winds blow. - St. Patrick's Day 4-leaf clover pattern
Free online knitting lessons from StitchGuide.com.
Merino & Romney handspun yarns pictured in a reproduction wool-drying basket.
Wool-drying basket
I made this basket was made using directions in The Basket Book by Lyn Siler..great book.
Free Online Knitting Videos
Ads used by the American Red Cross to promote wartime knitting for the troops.
History on the knitting front:
During WWI & II knitters were encouraged to knit for the troops.