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How to Make

A Travel Jewelry Pouch

travel jewelry pouch

This is a handy way to protect your jewelry while you travel and keep it all from tangling or getting scuffed. There is a place to hang necklaces, pin broaches or other pin type jewelry, tie your bracelets, and keep both small and large earrings. I filled mine up to give you an idea of how it packs. Also, I made this all from scrap!

jewelry pouch packed


Scraps of novelty fabric for cover
Scraps of satin for inside lining
Scraps of interfacing
Scraps of Batting
1/4" and 1/8" Ribbon
3" Sew in Velcro
3 snaps


First I have created 2 PDF files you will need to print out. One is the shape of Pattern A with the measurements and two is Patterns B-G which contains the measurements of all other patterns you will need to create and actual size patterns for the earring pockets. Once you have this, create all of your patterns using wrapping tissue, newspaper, whatever you have. I prefer a waxy wrapping tissue.

From the cover fabric and interfacing, cut one of patterns D, F, and G. The lining fabric will be cut using patterns A, B, C, F, and G. Last, cut batting pieces from pattern E and by folding pattern C in half. Following manufacturers directions, iron the interfacing to the wrong side of all cover fabric pieces.

Take all pocket pieces (F and G) and pin wrong sides out. Hem the top and the bottom (short sides). Fold right side out and press. Trim edges to seam.

making the pockets With fabric right side up, fold down the top about quarter of the way. Basically, however you want the top of the "envelope" to look. Next, fold up from the bottom 3/4, covering the first fold. Checkpoint: both sides are wrong side out. Press these folds, and then stitch up the sides as shown.

Fold right side out, pushing corners back into points. Press this flat and you now have an envelope pocket. Do this for both the large and small pockets, then set them aside for later.

Now we will create a sandwich for the bottom necklace cushion.

making the necklace holders Pin together the batting piece that was half of C below the lining piece A face up. On top is piece C face down. Pin two pieces of ribbon (about 4" each) on each side with short side out. Hem in a U type direction as shown. (The edges not apart of the main section of the jewelry pouch.) Trim to seams cutting diagonal at the corners and turn right side out.

Press again and then stitch across the bottom of the main section, top of the panel you just created to make an easy bend for folding this piece in when completed.

Matching pattern to piece A, place a pin vertically as a guide for stitching the machine quilting. You can use a wax pencil and draw in lines, but since this is such dark fabric I used, I was afraid of staining. These guides will also be used in the next step which is attaching all of the jewelry holders.

sewing velcro First thing to attach is the Velcro Place the hook side about 1/2" in and edge stitch.

necklace fasteners

Cut 3 pieces of each type ribbon. The smaller width is for the decorative bows. For each of the 3 pieces, do as follows:

The 1/4" ribbon should be folded back, and then again. Place the back piece of the snap to the front and stitch in place. Next folding the piece into a loop, fold back, and then again. Place the snap on the inside this time and the center of the 1/8" ribbon on the outside. Stitch the snap in place through both pieces of ribbon. Tie outside ribbon in a bow to hide the stitching.

where all the holders are placed Pin the three strips in place so you can check out the positioning on the lining. Make sure they are in the appropriate panel. When you like the placement, sew through the snap attaching them to the lining. Next, cut two pieces of either size ribbon about 6" long. In the center of one strip, sew the ribbon to the lining about 1/2" down. Just keep sewing in place. About an inch down, do the same with the other piece of ribbon.

Double knot each to cover the stitches. Use a bow to attach bracelets or rings to these ribbons. Finally, pin the pockets to the last panel. From the back, sew the pockets down, placing fingers inside to ensure that you don't sew the pocket shut.

Now you are ready to attach the final piece of lining. Pin right sides together of piece A and B. Hem 1/4" across top, down right, and across bottom. Cut diagonally across corners and trim close to seam. Turn right side out and press. Gently guide the batting piece into the newly formed pocket.

machine quilting Pin the cover piece on the back. Making sure 1/2" hangs out all the way around. With the lining face up, sew a seam in place of every straight pen or line you placed. Stitch from the top of the lining to the bottom of the lining. This creates the quilting as well as the folds.

Now sew the loop side of the Velcro to the opposite side of the cover piece. Edge stitch it in place on the right side up. Finally, fold in the right side and the bottom of the necklace holder. On every side of the cover piece, turn in to make the raw edge of the cover match the raw edge of the lining. Press. Fold this piece over the lining and hem all the way around, just inside the edge. Yes you want this hem to go over the places you folded in.

That's it. Snap in necklaces, tie them down. Tie in rings and bracelets. Put small earrings in top pocket, larger in the bottom. Fold over and fold again. Fold up the necklace strip and fold once again. Velcro shut and take a trip!


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