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What to do with your old childhood Barbie's...

This is a question that came up for askCat. But, it was such an inspired question, it deserved a full page response! So enjoy these ideas and put those old Barbie dolls to use!

Over the years, I have done many things with Barbie dolls. I used to live with a lady who had two small girls, one five the other one seven. The five year old had a horrible habit of breaking the heads off her Barbies. Kind of a Wednesday Adams sort of thing. Happily, she had no interest in the heads, so I would collect them. One Christmas, I decorated a tree solely with Barbie heads. It was very festive. At the time, I just used the heads as is. But since writing this article, I've started thinking of ways to embellish and make them ornaments. So look for those instructions this holiday season. Here are other things you can do with your childhood Barbies.

Use television, movies, and books as inspiration for characters to turn your Barbies into. At Barbie Collectibles.com, you can check out examples like these that have actually been released by Mattel. Barbie loves pop culture! But more than that, you can have a very unique, original, and Gothic Barbie doll if you create the character yourself. Barbie as Catwoman
Barbie and Ken as Morticia and Gomez Addams
Barbie as Samantha from Bewitched
Barbie and Ken as Lily and Herman Munster
You can also get inspiration by looking at their Fantasy Collection of dolls. These are all collectible as they are. But looking at them makes you start to brainstorm. A Greek God, an Egyptian Goddess, or perhaps one of the magical women from The Mysts of Avalon. Or maybe just a miniature version of you and your Gothic friends!
Midnight Moon Princess Barbie
Fairy of the Garden Barbie
Goddess of Wisdom Barbie
Lounge Kitties Tiger Barbie Doll


My sister came to visit me one year in San Diego. At the time, I had a lot of Drag Queens for friends. I took her to a show and she became smitten with the whole scene. So that Christmas, I created "Drag Queen Ken". I used a regular ken and altered some of Barbie's clothes. They actually make wigs for Barbie, so I got lucky with that. Then I just altered the box. Nowadays, I would be able to make a really professional looking box using my computer.
Image Coming Soon!


Another time, my best friend Regina and I were sharing an apartment with a bunch of Navy guys. When PMS hit, we used a ken doll to post a little warning. This isn't one of the great crafts of all time, but as we are talking Barbies, I thought it was a good time to share the memory.
Image Coming Soon!


Now this falls under interior decorating. This is My Pet Barbie, as I have so named her. I will eventually put a "how-to" in Bad Things, but for now, here's a photo.
Image Coming Soon!


These are absolutely amazing dolls and another site to bring you inspiration. "When a graphic artist with a strong emphasis in fashion illustration and portraiture, and an interest in myths, legends and fantasy meets fashion dolls the result is pure magic." One and Only Dolls are created by Renee Coughlan (I hope that's spelled right, it's a little hard to read on her site.) Check out the site. She sells her dolls, but also gives techniques for creating your own. Like I said, amazing!
One and Only Dolls


These two cakes can be found in the Kitchen section of Bad Things. Both are great for Bridal Showers, or any other occasion.


Looking for really cheap Barbies to start creating with? This site has them for just $4.99!

Great Date Barbie

Also, if you have any interest in purchasing some of the Fantasy Collection, here's a couple to check out:

CollectiblesToday:: Barbie Arabian Nights Barbie Doll Giftset (Barbies) CollectiblesToday:: Barbie Arabian Nights Barbie Doll Giftset (Barbies)

Barbie doll and Ken doll re-create the romantic legend of how Scherhazade brought peace to a troubled Sultan with 1001 nights of captivating stories. Barbie as Scherhazade is absolutely ravishing in a spectacularly patterned skirt, shimmering with golden trim. Her matching top is embellished with golden trim. She wears pink and blue scarves in her hair that spiral gracefully around her, adding an air of mystery. Ken as the Sultan is Barbie doll's dashing companion. He wears a pink tunic with golden and turquoise trim over billowy golden pants. A blue and purple sash ties at his waist and serves as a place to rest his trusty sword. His colorful turban shines with a faux ruby and is topped with a golden plume.

CollectiblesToday:: Barbie Barbie and Ken As Lord of the Rings Doll Set (General Collectibles) CollectiblesToday:: Barbie Barbie and Ken As Lord of the Rings Doll Set (General Collectibles

Collectible Barbie and Ken as Arwen and Aragorn Bring the Sweeping Splendor of the Lord of the Rings to Your Home! - Let Barbie and Ken bring the majesty of the beloved epic tale, The Lord of the Rings, to your humble dwelling! Barbie as Arwen is stunning in a light green gown with long sleeves lined in white chiffon, silvery loop trim on the bodice and sleeves, and a beaded butterfly-patterned hair ornament that adorns her long flowing hair. Ken as Aragorn wears an elaborate costume featuring a cloak and body armor, as well as a crown and gleaming sword! This Barbie Lord of the Rings doll set by Mattel shimmers with the magic of Middle Earth and heroic deeds, yours to enjoy forever - order now! 2003 Mattel, Inc. Barbie Collectibles, the Barbie Collectible/Specialty Doll Division of Mattel, Inc. El Segundo, CA 90245 U.S.A. MADE IN CHINA. Manufactured for Mattel. All Rights Reserved. MATTEL, BARBIE, and associated trademarks and trade dress are owned by Mattel, Inc. MMIII New Line Productions, Inc. All Rights Reserved. "The Lord of the Rings" and the names of characters, items, events and places therein are trademarks of the Saul Zaents Company d/b/a Tolkien Enterprises under license to New Line Productions, Inc.


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