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       Once apon a time, before 
AUNT (Atari Users of North Texas) there was a club from 1978-1992 known as Dal-ACE (Dallas Atari Computer Enthusiasts).  This club served the Atari 8-bit community in north Texas and serve the ST community in the very early days.  Many of us remember the club it's glory days from when it met at the Lion's Club meeting halls, and then on the large beautiful room on the seventh floor at the Infomart which seated hundreds. Such fun days.
Dal-ACE - Disks 01-49
Dal-ACE - Disks 50-99

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Website Progression Log:

Nov 26, 2001
       This webpage is born after a year of mental thinking, dreaming, and drooling between Doctor Clu, Cybernoid, Rick D, Doctor X and other people who look back on Dal-ACE fonly.  Eventually it is discovered that mental powers and creation of websites happen much faster when a computer and webpage creator are actually powered up.  Once this happened, things went a lot quicker.  :)

       So in the wee early hours of the morning Doctor Clu worked frantically to turn two Dal-ACE disks into XFD files on his Atari 800 with 890 ST Interface running 800XLDJ.  (Diskformer to make the XFD files).  The files are made under the .DI system of 800XLDJ, then transferred to floppies.  Once on 5 1/2 floppies they are null modemed to the ST, and from there put on PC floppies to transfer to the website to place online.  A simple website is created.   Later that day Cynernoid confirms "They work, keep 'em coming!"  So Disks 2 and 4 are a success!
       And so later that night Doctor Clu works to archive the rest of the first ten.  But the floppy drive won't write the large XFD files.  Attempts are made to transfer the files from the Atari 800 to a Newton and then to a PC.  Doesn't work for user error reasons (looking back on it.)  But that's ok....

Nov 27, 2001
       Disks 1,3,6,7,8,9, & 10 are sent from a null modem cable (one stretching across the room comprised of three cables and two adaptors) from the Atari 800 to the PC.  Things go a bit quicker from this point on.  It is also learned that if the original disks are copied into the 800XLDJ system with the ever trusty "SD/DD Sector Copier" first, the images are easier to convert with Diskformer.   The above disks are placed online while the rest of the original disks are turned into .DI images to be converted by Diskformer later.

Dec 16, 2001
      Added a scan of my guest badge from once Dal-ACE Infomart meeting.

Dec 18, 2001
      Added disk 87 thanks to Cybernoid.

Jan 6, 2002
      Added images of Dal-ACE scanned by Cybernoid.

Feb 22, 2006
      After working with various contacts at the First Saturday Sidewalk Sale, and pulling together equipment, then sitting on it for four years, Doctor Clu finally gets things together and uploads the other 80% of the disk images.  Decided to make it one large file, since we like it when people do that.
      We must apologize as some of the images are missing sectors and are swiss cheese, but wanted to get posted what I have.  It is my hope that more people will unearth more Dal-ACE images in the future.   For this rendition, my thanks for Tim Mixon for donating the disks that he had.  (1-10 were Doctor Clu's, image 87 was Cybernoid's, the rest were Tim's.)
       Cybernoid sent me the link to (some) of the Dal-ACE cover images he's scanned, so this link was updated as well.  Added links to Atariage.com.  Always thankful to them for the continued Atari they provide.

Feb 23, 2006
       Added the color version of the Dal-ACE logo.

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Doctor Clu