Weight Journal


January 2, 1999, began weight loss plan


January 9, 1999, lost 3 pounds! Very excited and motivated. 173


February, stayed the same. 


March 6, started WEIGH DOWN! 173

March 13, lost 5 pounds! 168

April 10, 164. I've lost 4 more pounds in less than a month!!


May 1, 162. 14 pounds now - this is my lowest weight since 1994!


July, 1999. I am presently at 165. I have decided to only weigh once a month (was hopping on 1-2 x a week! More below in my journal - - -

August, 1999. 160! See journal.

January, 2000. 158. See journal.


February 6, 2000. 156.


February 28, 2000. 157.


April 21, 2000. 159. I WAS 162 last week. Yikes! Turned it around - more below.


June 11, 2000. 155.


February 3, 2001. 165. Renewed same day.




























































April 21, 1999. I have been on WEIGH DOWN for about 6 weeks now and am so happy to have found this program! I am seeking the Lord daily to show me when hungry and when full, by his knowledge of his creation and how we need to care for ourselves. I have read the WEIGH DOWN diet book, but have not attended a workshop yet. The book was phenomenal and powerful, and convicted me that this is the way for me to go about losing my excess weight. I eat what I want but in small portions, stopping when full. I am so grateful that so far I have not "cheated" and eaten while full or before getting hungry. Somehow knowing I can have what I want, but not until hungry, helps to wait for that next God-given hunger pang! Will update soon, hopefully to have lost more weight! Going under 164/165 will be a big step for me as I have not maintained below this weight since before I was pregnant with my daughter in 1993. Looking for 160 by the end of May, I hope!! ________________________________________________________________ July 15, 1999. I have been on Weigh Down for 4 months and 1 week now! I really have a peace about this program, and have learned much about trust and obedience. For some reason my weight has levelled off at 165, though I have reached 162 about 3 times since May. I am just trusting in the Lord that it will slowly begin to come down, as long as I am following my tummy's inborn rules on hunger and fullness! I started the WEIGH DOWN workshop actual classes last week! I loved it - so good to have some people to talk to and to actually watch the videos, listen to the tapes, and do the workbook questions. It really remotivated me although I have never actually stopped doing the program in this time. It has renewed my motivation to study God's word. I am determined to not let my plateau get me off the plan and so far it hasn't. I will not be weighing until the end of July and will simply list that as my August weigh-in, most likely - I shall see.... _________________________________________________________________ August 25, 1999 -- planned to weigh in here before this, but have a five pound loss to report!! I felt led by God to cut all my food in half, that I was eating too much at each meal even though I was waiting for hunger. My jewel has been this 5 pound loss. I read the Bible every morning for about 2 weeks but have slipped this week. Been really busy working on a new at home typing job. Praise the Lord though, the other day, for His showing me Luke chapter 12 when I really needed it!! _________________________________________________________________ January 29, 2000 -- will try to write a longer entry soon but basic summary is - I reached 155 by September and maintained through December! Then put on 5 pounds after christmas. I have lost 2 of them now. Yesterday I cut all food down again as it had slowly crept up after Halloween, etc. Not that I ever STOPPED weigh down but I lost my focus! and my quiet time with God! A renewal now. I'll update soon. _________________________________________________________________ February 2, 2000 -- I am still strictly waiting for hunger with the Lord's help, and eating smaller portions. Only 1 more pound until I'm back to my lowest of this year, and then to go lower. It is so exciting!

I am reading "Rise Above" by Gwen Shamblin, and it is great. It has renewed my motivation to stick to this through Jesus. He has the power. _________________________________________________________________ February 28, 2000 -- I reached 155 again 2 weeks ago, then last week for no reason gained 4 pounds. I tried to rely on God and not let it sway me but due to that and also my birthday I have been eating a little too much. Not off the plan, but I really need to dig into the Word again and get going. I lost 2 of those pounds this week, ironically. _________________________________________________________________ April 21, 2000 -- I spent most of March and April at 160 and then shot up to 162 last week. It woke me up. Ever since gaining that 4 pounds in February for some reason my portions snuck up and I was unable to focus on bringing them down - stress, etc. So just this Monday (4/17) I gave it all back to God again, determining to only eat one thing at a time, to barely eat until satisfied, knowing that when God makes me hungry again I can eat again. I have lost 3 pounds since Monday! I am seeking to be obedient and love the Lord and that the weight loss will follow. Today I had breakfast: 1 egg with a little bologna and cheese, 1 waffle, late morning snack: 1 hot dog, lunch: about 1/4 cup mac & cheese, dinner: one small gordita (homemade) with 1/4 cup chocolate milk, and then evening snack: just got hungry again this evening and had another gordita and 3 apricot halves. Tomorrow I may want all veggies. It seems to even out like that. I am staying away from junk and sweets for right now - they were becoming "idols" again and I am going to stay away for them for a little while until I can handle them just being "regular" food again. _________________________________________________________________ June 11, 2000. Praise God, I am down to 155 again. I did get to 156 in April (or May?) but then my portions snuck up again and I found myself at 159 at the end of May. But gave it all to God AGAIN and have been through His grace keeping it all at his feet for about 3 weeks now. I sure would be given a wonderful jewel to see my weight go below 155 next week. We shall see! _________________________________________________________________ Wow, I haven't updated for a while. I was 155-158 for quite a while and then at Christmas and after snuck up to 165. I just renewed on Saturday the 3rd and am beginning my 6th day of obedience through God's Grace today. I shall try and update soon.....btw, in July 2000 I did get down to 154....