Mayor: Myrna Tupas
Vice Mayor: Freddie Tupas 

[ Brief History ]


Barotac Viejo has a chequered history. What it is today is a product of its colorful history, exiting politics, indigenous people and very rich culture. 

A legend tells us that sometime in the middle of the 8th century, a group of Spanish explorers landed on the muddy coast of Barotac Viejo facing Guimaras Strait. The explorers saw some native "dragging their bancas along the mud. Interested to know the name of the place, they asked the native while pointing at the banca. The natives, thinking that the Spaniards wanted to know the name of the thing they were dragging, replied "Baroto sa Lutac" which means "banca on the mud". To remember the place very easily, the Spaniards remembered "Barotac" a shorter way of saying "Baroto sa Lutac."

[ Brief History ]