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Port of Iloilo
    The Port of Iloilo is the third largest port in the country after Manila and Cebu.  The Iloilo River Wharf has a total berth length of 1,700 meters while the old Foreign Pier has 345 meters quay converted to domestic terminal.  

    The Iloilo Commercial Port Complex, with 400 meters quay, caters to foreign vessels and domestic containerized vessels. 

    The Port of Iloilo is divided into three, namely: 

    • The Iloilo River Wharf - it has a total length of 1,700 meters winding through the heart of the city.
    • Old Foreign Pier - consists of 345 m. quay and converted into domestic passengers terminal.
    • Iloilo Commercial Port Complex - consists of 400 m. quay and caters to foreign vessels as well as domestic containerized vessels.
Dredging  490,413 cu. m. 
Reclamation  20.83 has.
Berthing Depth  10.50 m.
Operational Area   1.83 has.
Backup Area  9.70 has.
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Iloilo Fishing Port Complex (IFPC)
The Iloilo Fishing Port Complex (IFPC) is the center of fish trading and marine products processing in Region VI.  It was constructed to provide safe landing facilities for fishing vessels, reduce fish spoilage and prevent double handling of fish.  IFPC is situated in a 21 hectare reclaimed area at Pala-Pala, Brgy. Tanza, Molo, Iloilo City.  
IFPC Services and Facilities (1997)
Breakwater 470 m.
Landing Quay for:
a. Tuna Boat 70 m. at -5.5 m.
b. Trawlers and Purseiners -110 m. at -4 m.
c. Basnigans 70 m. at 2 m.
d. Bancas 200 m. at -1 m.
Slipway 2 units, @ 190 meters for 250 GT vessels
Refrigeration Building  
a. Ice Making Capacity 2 sets at 25 tons per day
b. Daily Ice Storage -5 0C at 50 MT capacity
c. Ice Storage -5 0C at 200 MT capacity
d. Cold Storage -35 0C, 2 units at 250 tons capacity   
-5 0C, 1 unit with 100 tons capacity
e. Contact Plate Freezer 9 units at 960 kgs and freezing time 4 hrs. per cycle
f. Blast Freezer 4.5 tons/cycle
g. Ice Crusher 15 tons/hour
h. Plug-in for Reefer Van Mobile - 15 tons /hour
i. Tunnel Freezer 200 kg/hour Individual Quick Freezing Machine
Market Hall 1,400 square meters / 27 Market Stalls
Municipal Shed 225 square meters
Administration Building 420 sq. m.
Water Supply System 600  cu. m. reservoir and 90 cu. m.  elevted tank
Water Treatment Facilities  600 MT per day
Carpentry Shop 650 sq. m.   
1 manual 3-ton chain hoist
Foundry Shop 400 sq. m., 150 kg furnace, 2 tons motorized   
electric chain hoist and other equipment and   
Solid Waste Water Treatment Plant 600 MT per day
Source:  IFPC, Tanza, Iloilo City
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