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  • 08/10/00, We are making finishing touches to the Western Visayas Location Repository of Websites, check back soon and see the cool links. :)

  • 08/09/00, A.) Made a few corrections to the zip codes. B.) A banner ad for the website is now available, help us spread the word on this site by pasting and linking the banner ad. In return, we will post your banner on this site. No money involved, just a little tweak on your part to help increase visitors on your site.  

  • 07/03/00, new links provided, A.) The Official Province of Guimaras Website, B.) Negros Occidental Online and a ZIP CODES in Western Visayas

  • 05/09/00, The beta for the Province of Negros Occidental Website is now up. Also, do visit the Guestbook, or make an entry.

  • 05/06/00, Whew! what a week, the start page looked tired so we made a simple facelift, a search engine was added and we submitted this site to several search engines (hopefully we will be indexed in a couple of weeks).

  • 04/25/00, a redirect URL was added. You can now access this site either thru http://www.oocities.com/dost6/iloilo or thru http://surf.to/iloilo.

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