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This is just a personal homepage and not meant to be a "professional website".  All the pictures, artwork are copryrighted and therefore should not be borrowed or stolen without prior permission from Webmaster- me. Background by urbanAR7.  Thanks and I hope you enjoy!  Dot's Spot, 2000-2007
I'm assuming that you're here because I posted a link somewhere and you found it (sorry, there's no prize).  So here's a short tour of  this site.  To your left, there is a list of sites and links.  Top is this site's links and such (slightly old and needs updated).  Then there is a list of sites that I love to visit quite frequently. And last, but not least, is the list of sites I have available for you to view.  Also, don't forget to check out some of the banners below. Enjoy!!

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An exclusive page dedicated to the The Ridges, formerly known as the Athens Asylum (and many more names) which will have photos, interviews, history, exclusive documentaries by Ben Scared, plus so much more!  So help them out by visitiing the site! 
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