About Me and My Country
I am from Bangladesh. People call me DOTBD. I do not know why they call me so.  Let me introduce my country first of all and then I will write something about me:

Bangladesh is one of the most densely populated area in the world with about 120 million people within an area of 147,570 thousand square kilometers. Its vast human force is one of the major resources. But the problem lies in transforming the vast potential people into a more productive labour force and ensuring a dynamic environment for social, economic and political development. This has become difficult due to prevalence of numerous odds like poverty, wide spread illiteracy (65 percent according to l991 population census), low per capita income and rapid population growth. The Government recognizes human resources development through removal of illiteracy as a basic weapon to combat poverty and overall socio-economic backwardness

Education System of my Country

The Constitution of the Peoples Republic of Bangladesh has provided for establishing a uniform, mass oriented and universal system of education and extending free and compulsory education to all children. It has also provided for relating education to the needs of society, producing trained and motivated citizens to serve the societal needs and removing illiteracy.

Primary Education has been made compulsory for children aged b-10 years by an Act (1990). The compulsory primary education means - "Unless there is a valid ground, the guardian of each child living in an area where primary education has been made compulsory, shall, for the purpose of giving primary education, have his/her child admitted to the nearest primary education institution located in that area"

Dhaka the Capital of Bangladesh
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