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robot xylaphone

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william hung - "she bangs"

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drift challenge 2003

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思念仿佛彌漫霧的絲路 longing to imitate buddha the silk road of the overflowing fog (i have no clue how to translate this) 而我身在何處 then where is my body (?) 月升時星星探出夜幕 when the moon rises, the stars explore the curtain of darkness 人能仰望就是幸福 people are able to look up at and it is happiness 誰懂得追尋的孤獨 who understands the loneliness of pursuing 愛始終縹緲虛無 from beginning to end, love is dimly discernable nothingness 我始終一步一步忘了歸途 from beginning to end, one step at a time, i forgot my way home 我不停不停付出 i don't stop, don't stop paying 我忘了忘了結束 i forgot, forgot the end 你值得我苦 you were worth my suffering/suffering for (?) 昨天太多深情刻骨 yesterday, too many leniancies were deeply engrained 我愛你怎會是盲目 i love you, how can this be blind? 我不斷不斷陷入 i am unceasingly, unceasingly caught in 太過太過在乎 too many, too many bothers 想把你留住 i want to take you to remain and live here (?) 看不到愛情的歸宿 can't see love's home to return to 心永遠不會平靜不會滿足 forever, my heart will not be able to be calm, not able to be satisified. 松鼠提供 provided by the squirrel <= (somehow that doesn't sound like part of the lyrics to the song) sorry. i'm changed it to traditional cuz i'm not familiar w/ simplified. hope it's a decent translation :P