dotcompals, welcome you to this website dedicated to news & views from this place i.e. Tattamangalam, situated just 15km away from Palakkad (Palghat) in the southern INDIAN state of Kerala ("God's Own Country" as they call it). Have a great time browsing this web.

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('Terracotta Tiles paved') Chuttambalam of Sree Kurumbakavu, Tattamangalam ! XawKew {ioIpdp_mhnse sSdmtmXn Npehpw, apnse inem^eIhpw! .......... 

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Interesting Websites is your free community network. The aim of this website is to promote communication, friendship and understanding within our Koduvayur community. It is an online venue for exchanging ideas and information for our local community. In our Koduvayur area, there is very few people who use the internet regularly. However the computer literacy and access to the internet is slowly growing. Here on this website you can publish your views, opinions, concerns and any issues you would like to discuss. The nature of the web is as such, your opinion can also be viewed by people around the world. . Over time all kinds of information relevant to our Koduvayur community can be found here. Basic structure for this website is now constructed. We relay on people like YOU to provide the material for this website.

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