1971 240Z V12


Car: 1971Datsun 240 Z  #HLS 3022229

Owner/ Builder: Glenn 

                           Mississauga ON   d0td0td0t@hotmail.com

Engine: Aluminum block and heads Jaguar V12

Weight: 600 lb

Bore: 3.543 Stroke2.756

CID: 326.1   or  5.3L

Valves: intake 1.625 exhaust 1.360

Compression: 11:1

Power: 380+ horses.

Cam: Isky XM-2 -.404 lift- 258 duration- set straight up at 0*

Induction: Modified TPI, equal length runners with ram trumpets

Fuel Injection: Programmable Accell DFI

Headers: stainless 3 into 2 into 1. These consist of twelve 1X36 equal length primaries into

               four 2X18 equal length secondary pipes into a pair of 2 exit pipes

Bell housing:  Stainless, home engineered, with machining farmed out to people with bigger machines.

Fly Wheel: LT1 type with ballast removed, machined flat on the back side, Jaguar ring gear plate behind

Drivetrain: Aluminum Borg Warner T56

Weight 135 lb

1st 2.66:1

2nd 1.78:1

3rd 1.30:1

4th 1.00:1

5th 0.74:1

6th 0.50:1

 Drive shaft: aluminum / shortened Ford Aerostar.

 Differential: aluminum 80 corvette. Ratio 4.11:1

Chassis Modifications:

Glass fiber body. Steel roof

Full 2X2 frame

Weight: 3000 lbs.

Front: Stock struts with cut Pinto springs, 92 Camaro rotors and modified calipers.

          Sway bar: 78 Granada 1

Rear: Shortened Corvette from caliper to caliper

          Sway bar: 69 New Yorker


Acceleration: standing mile 13.78 at St Thomas June 2000

Car History:

1971  February. Datsun builds the blue 240 Z

1985     Bought 71 240Z.

1986     Fit in a 318 Dodge motor and automatic.

1987     Refit with 318 and four speed.

            Purchase a complete glass fiber body and install it.

1989     Install a 80 Corvette rear end. Late in the year  got the car on the road.


1991     Refit motor with a 340 Dodge from a friend with a burnt out boat.

1992     Refit intake with 2X4 BBL AFB carbs.

1993     Repaint

1994     Drive car.

1995     Add wire wheels and Pirelli tires.

1996      Repaint.

1997     Pick up 454 for the Z. Trade for 427 damaged. Rebuild 427.

            Discovered the GM part number game.

            Good friends talked me out of the big block idea. Sold the motor by its part numbers only for the money.

            Joined a Z car club. Seems OK.

            Good events. Decent people. Not uptight purists. Love to drive their cars.

1998     Check out a cheap V12 downtown. Seized. Took a tape measure. Recorded dimensions.

           Purchase two running V12s and a T56 six speed. Build bell housing. Mate motor and transmission.

1999     Sell 340 2X4 and four speed. Purchase used DFI system.

            Begin installation of V12.

             Completed early September, the night before the Misissauga Nissan car show.

2000  Completion of a dream. Run the at St. Thomas.

2003  Install Griffith Northstar radiator. Modified for duel top inlets. Rad cap hole sealed.

          Add Volvo 2 speed fan.

2004   Install Isky XM-2 cams

The V12 story as told by

Roger Bywater of AJ6 engineering




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