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DotD is the author of five Bold and Beautiful Fan Fictions centered around Brooke Logan.  Find all her intriguing stories here.
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In the Nick of Time
After Morgan's ministrations destroy Ridge and Taylor's marriage, will Taylor be able to find happiness with high school sweetheart Bryan?  Grant comes back from the dead but why can't he remember anything?  Will Brooke manage to build a life with sexy doctor Michael with the Forresters, Michaels's ex-wife and Bridget's teenage friend all set to tear them apart?
Backburnered Stories
Winner Takes All
Brooke's former lover returns to help straighten out Forrester, but is it really all over between Brooke and Ridge?  Thorne has given in to his passion for Kimberly but Taylor isn't sure it's the right thing for them. 
Will Becky and Megan find love and happiness in the new challenges at Forrester Creations?
Reeling from her marriage breakup with Thorne and her failed attempt to rekindle things with Ridge Brooke departs to the Caribbean to start a new resort line.  All hell breaks loose when the private plane she charters goes down in a fiery crash.  Also onboard is the sexy financial man Nick, who is dissatisfied with his life and aching for something new.  Stranded together alone in a tropical paradise the pair find romance and excitement. Can this pair beat the odds and will their love survive distance and the outsiders determined to keep them apart?
Stolen Moments
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Last updated:  11/25/2005