Dottie's Sinedot Kaleidoscope Background

You will need PSP7 or PSP6 , the Sinedot Filter 1 and Simple filter Quick Tile. First open a new image. The size I use is 150 x 150 pixels. But you can choose any size you like. Next choose a color that you want for your background. Then flood fill the background image with this color. For this background I chose 4986BD. Next go to Layers, Merge, Merge All Flatten. Then open your Sinedot 1 Filter and apply this setting.

Next go to Effects and Reflection Effects then Kaleidoscope with the following settings. You can play around with these settings and come up with your own very unique pattern or use the one you see here if you like. There are lots of different backgrounds you can make by changing the settings in here.

Next you want to go to Simple Filters and Quick Tile it. If you don't have that filter you can use 20/20 to tile your background.

And that's all there is to it! Now save it as a ".jpg" and here's your new Sinedot background. This is my first ever tut so I hope it's understandable. If not you can email me for help at . Thanks for trying it. Dottie