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A Pirate ship has a crew of 14 members including it's captain and a treasure box. No two locks can be unlocked by the same key and all the locks need to be unlocked to open the box. Determine the minimum number of locks and copies of keys that will be required to be distributed between the members of the crew such that, any six or fewer members of the crew can not open the box but any combination of seven can.

About Me

KNOWLEDGE is the most important factor to achieve one's goal. To be a member of the Filipino Computer Club is the first step to my aspiration.

Electromechanical Technology is a three year course in Technological University of the Philippines (Taguig Campus) which I graduated in August, 1994.

Machine Maintenance Technician was my first designation in the company. My career & life status grow with for almost 7 years. I had been sent to Hong Kong & China to set-up machines & to train technicians, receiving allowances plus basic salary. I left the company for some unexpectable circumstances with a designation of Sr. Line Maintenance Technician.

Few months later, I found myself sitting in an airplane bound to Taiwan thinking & expecting that the company that I will be working for will be as good as the company that I left in the Philippines. That the company environment, the system, the job and most of all the salary will at least the same if it is not better. As time goes by, I only got one out of four in my expectations; that was the salary which I work on it for every single cents. My job as a CNC (Computerized Numerical Controlled) machine operator must have to strive hard to meet the company requirements. I was not satisfied with this position, I want a more challenging in terms of technical ability & more responsibilities in the side of management. I can not find these in Taiwan so, I just finished my contract & went back to Philippines to be able to start seaching for a job that fit my desire.

Now, I am here in Dubai working as Production Machine Maintenance & Facilities Technician. Yet the job is a piece of cake, the only burden is the salary which is very low. This situation inspire me to find & learn something about computer.

To satisfy the reader I will unwrap the first part of the story. Early marriage interrupted my ambition to become an Architect. At the age of 18, I work hard to satisfy my boss, but there is no improvement in my career. Why???? I realized that if I don't have a sophisticated tool which means educational knowledge, I will have no progress at all. So I decided to go back to school & at the same time working to feed my family. When I graduated from my course I got the job that I want.

I am not a novel or poem writer, I am just a Technician hoping to enter the field of computer. This story was only created with the guide of naughty pen. Hope that anyone who read this will not only enjoying time but also learn a good lesson or idea in the science of life. Before I fave a Bye...., I am Rustico Arthur Hugo, you can just call me ART for short.

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