Get Knowledge -
"Everyday, when you
sleep.. Memorize the
whole day and see
what you have learnt.
Everyday must be
learning day. Sleep
with feeling that you
have learnt
something that day."
                "GetKnowledge.Com" is an online tutorial and
guide for the  latest  Microsoft technologies,  aimed to help   
new graduates  acquire  programming  skills  and  learn  the  
best  programming practices. We  will  guide you from    the
fundamentals  of  programming   to   the   most   advanced  
Microsoft technologies.If you follow our guidelines carefully  
and sincerely, we are sure by the end of this course you will  
be  one of the 'Most Valued Professionals' in your company.
Why .NET ?

                 Several people asked us why we selected .NET
as our training choice. .NET is a new technology and we
believe it is going to generate a large number of job
opportunities in the coming 1-2 years. We decided to take
advantage of these potential job opportunities. We will
be using C# as our default language for the sample code
we present. We decided to use C# instead of VB.NET
because C# is a brand new and clean language. Most of
the programmers seem to be more comfortable with
VB.NET than C#, but we suggest them learn this new
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