Disciples of the Pantheon-
An Everquest Guild on Tholuxe Paells.
Is there a finer sight?
No.  No there's not.
Next up...
While we do many things ingame and have our own favorite hunting spots, part of the guild experience is doing things together.  Check the "Raids and Events" section of the Message Board for more info on our events!
The Halls of Testing inside the Temple of Veeshan are going to be invaded by members of Disciples of the Pantheon and Chaotic Balance.  Soon.  The drums are beating.  Will you be there?
What you must have-
1.  Achived level 55 if you are a melee class (to be clear, Bards are being called melee's as I've gotten some questions on that) and you must have achived level 51 if you are a casting class.
2.  Resist Gear.  I know you think you will be better served by getting a weapon upgrade.  You're wrong.  Spend the 5,000 plat on some resist gear.  100MR, 100FR, 100CR prior to buffing is required.  (There will be a running post in the RAID BRIEFINGS forum regarding resist gear.)
3.  An indoor "clicky."  An item that has an instant effect is required to keep in your top buff slot to prevent a total dispell of all buffs.  Cheap clicky- Telescope.  Expensive Clicky- Shrunken Goblin Skull Earring.
4.  Good faction with Claws of Veeshan.  Ideally, everyone should be Ally.  We want people to be able to use their Skyshrine Armor right away.
See you all in there!

Ok, here's the part you really care about- EVENTS!
The Slaying of Ragefire- Sunday, Dec. 15th. 3:00PM EASTERN.  Rizok is ready for his final fight, lets help him get his clicky!  Everyone level 50+ should attend if possible.  Bring MR and FR gear, 80+ is risky, 100+ prefered if you don't want to spend all your time swimming in lava like effects and getting feared all over the zone.  Meet in Nexus at 2:30 for ports!

The Alliance vs. the Plane of Fear- Sunday, Decemeber 22nd at 2:00 PM EASTERN.  Level 47+ is required.  Epic drops for Warriors, Shaman, Shadowknights, Bards, and Enchanters as well as some good gear drops for everyone.  Sign up on the CB Page under EVENTS!


And, of course, a great big congratulations to our guild leader, Ealdain, and his wife, Niladina on the birth of their new baby girl!  You want to see a picture of her? 
Well here ya go!
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If an item you need drops in a remote zone not often used by the guild, you stand a better chance of getting other to go with you if some thing of value can be found for them too (Chardok, for example).  Use the links to learn about each others Epics and get going!
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