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" But I say unto you.
Love your enemies,
bless them that curse you,
do good to them that hate you and pray for them who despitefully use you and persecute you"
As quoted in the Holy Bible
Matthew 5:44
Give Peace a chance
I remember  in the 60's being referred to as a hippie, a Peacenik ,and other terms that were meant to be unflattering, because I was against the Viet Nam War. I am still not ashamed to say that I am against killing another human being  ...I believed then as I do now ,that war is not just statistics.It is blood, death, pain ,broken bodies and broken lives..I still believe  that love and not war is the answer. I also believe that every human being has the right to their opinion...so if your opinion differs from mine,you too are entitled. That is what sets our country and our citizens apart,that we are not only allowed an opinion but are free to speak out. Just because one does not agree with the politics of war does not make them anti-American.While I was against the Viet Nam War, I was proud of my family and friends who served and died there. Tonight my prayer will be for the people of the world.It is not only the Americans casualities I will grieve for ,but for every grieving widow,mother,father and child  who is touched by war.
This Page is dedicated to the memory of all Americans who lost their lives in war.
And especially remembered by me are:
This moving piece by
Scott Jackson  says it all..each of the worlds war dead ...is someones child..
regardless  of there place of birth.
Merle Martin
Omak ,Washington
Ricardo Regalado
Richard Hartnell
Whitter ,California
Ed Wagner,Jr.
Steve Taylor
Dave Fisher
Ken Roche
Those who survived
the war in Vietnam but were forever changed.
Richard ( Dick ) Roche
Butch Olson
The above names cannot be found on the wall.Both died as results of being exposed to agent orange or so believed their families and physicans.
Kenneth Hartley
Cousin and Friend

A true Survivor
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A special rememberance to my Grandfather William Hartley who was a veteran of the Spanish American War,serving in
the Phillipine islands from  1901-1904.
Thank you to the men and women of the US Military and their families!
After reading the negative comments in my guestbook (and deleting them) and in several emails,I feel it neccessary to remind these folks that it does not matter if you are pro war or anti war...Republican or Democrat.What does matter is that we each have the right to speak our minds,we live in a society that allows us our personal beliefs and that anger only begets more anger. So I am going to disappoint you who wish a negative response from me,by breaking your cycle of anger.
Wishing you Peace...Love...Understanding,

Each night at 8 CST please take one minute to say a prayer for our troops,our safety,our country and our world.
This page is dedicated to Peace !