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Hear something? If not, turn the volume of you're speakers loud enough! Now, Good; it's jazba-i-junoon! Hi! and welcome 2 my page! Hope u'r a friend!
Or even if u'r not a friend, u can be, by just reading about me and emailing me about yourself! Feel free and mail me anything and tell about your self 2 !! And plz, don't forget 2 Sign my Guestbook, with your comments or any messages 2 me! And my hotmail email address is "hero_no3@hotmail.com", u can contact me by MSN messenger 2!
My name's Ibrahim Aijaz Khan (IBR Khan), I am 13 years of age and study in the 9th Grade in the Pakistan International School Jeddah (English Section). I am a Pakistani but i live in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. I am originally from Karachi, Pakistan; but  I also live in two other places, Islamabad & Lahore. In jeddah, i live in Al-zahra, behind Saudi German Hospital (The place where my mother works).
I have one younger brother and two other younger sisters; I'm the eldest. My father used 2 work in the Coast Gaurd Navy, but now he is a Shipping Manager in the 'Al-Tawil Shipping Co.' And my mother is a Doctor (OB- Gyne Specialist) in the hospital mentioned above.
My hobbys r arts and crafts and I also surfing on the net. I also like playing basketball, cricket, soccer and tennis. For animals, i like horses and all kind of cats; and i also like seeing sport cars' pics too! And 4 tv, i like 2 watch Comedy programmes, indian and pakistani dramas or films, sometimes english movies; but the best programme is wrestling (WWF), and my favourite wrestler is THE ROCK! My birthday is on 16th of may!
Well, i guess thats about it!
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I Made this Site on 10 of July, 2000!
And i did make this site and almost all the other thing all by my self!!