Double Dare: Show Format

Most game shows have a format that remains the same throughout its run. Double Dare was no expection. Each episode of Double Dare was for the most part, the same. Occasionally the rules were altered, but it was rare. Here is the show format for Double Dare.

With an "On Your Mark, Get Set, Go!" each episode of Double Dare would begin. After Marc said Go, Harvey would give a run down of the opening toss-up challenge, followed by the shows name. The teams would compete in the challenge and after it was won, Havey would introduce Marc in a humorous way. Marc would thank Harvey, the audience and welcome us to Double Dare. Marc would then introduce each contestant and give them a short interview. Marc would then read the rules which wen't a little like this "I'm going to ask you a question, and if you don't know the answer or think the other team doesn't have a clue, you can dare them to answer for double the dollars. But be careful because they can always Double Dare you back for four times the amount. Then you either have to answer the question or take the physical challenge.

Round One would begin after the rules. Questions would be asked. If the team didn't know the answer, they could "Dare" the other team and the question value would double. The other team could answer or "Double Dare" the oppisite team back. The first team would either have to answer or take the physical challenge.

In Round One, the physical challenges would be worth $40. In the early years, physical challenges required skill, as time went on, it was more about props and mess. Time alotments varied between physical challenges. If the team won the physical challenge they received the money, if they didn't the other team got the money. This continued throughout Round One.

Round One ended when a buzzer sounded. Marc would give the scores and a preview of Round Two. The Double Dare theme music would play as the program went to commerical.

Round Two began, just as Round One, with a toss-up. The winning team gained control of Round Two, which was pretty much the same as Round One, except the dollar values were doubled. When a buzzer sounded, that mean't the game was over. The winning team would go on to the obstacle course. The losing team would get a goodbye from Marc, and Harvey would annouce their consolation prizes. From 1988 until 1992 a commerical would procede.

The Obstacle Course came next. The Messiest Minute in Television. It would begin with an explaination of the obstacles by Marc. After each explaination, Harvey would tell the prize that the team would win if the completed the obstacle. After the obstacles were explained, 60 Seconds were put on the clock. With an "On Your Mark, Get Set, Go!" the obstacle course would begin. When the course was completed, or time ran out, Marc would bring the contestants together was Harvey told them the prizes they received.

Marc would then thank us for watching Double Dare, tell us to join them everyday, and say goodbye. Harvey would announce that episodes promotional consideration. Harvey would then give his goodbye usually "This is your announcer, Harvey saying: join us back here next time for Double Dare". The credits would role and the episode would end.