This is Your Annoucer, Harvey

Harvey was born John Harvey and has had quite a career. He spent many years on Philadephia radio on his very own show "Harvey In The Morning". It was on Harvey In The Morning that he first was noticed. The morning show had him playing music and interviewings stars; everyone from Mister Rogers to legands like Johnny Carson.

In 1986 Harvey landed the job as annoucer on Double Dare. Within a year Harvey would become less of an announcer and more of co-host. He often participated in the various segments of the show, read the rules, and clowned around with Marc. He stayed on as annoucer throughout Super Sloppy Double Dare and the first season of Family Double Dare on Nickelodeon. In 1992, Harvey came on the season premere of Family Double Dare to announce that he wouldn't be annoucing that season, do to the birth of his son Caleb. This would also be the last season of Double Dare.

After Double Dare Harvey moved on in his career. He can most recently be seen on The Discovery Channel's "Gimme Shelter" and annoucing on "History IQ" with his old pal Marc Summers. He also was the announcer for TV Land's "Ultimate TV Fan". Harvey has lost one thing, his beard. I wish Harvey continued luck in his career.