Life After Double Dare

After 7 seasons of Double Dare, Nickelodeon decided it was time to stop production. With over 500 episodes, they had enough episodes to do reruns forever. Marc Summers now entered the entertainment world. He made many apperences on other TV shows. These are not in cronological order.

Program: The Tonight Show With Jay Leno
Network: NBC
Packager: Big Dog Productions & NBC Studios
Host: Jay Leno

This is probubly one of Marcs most famous apperences. This was a 1994 episode of The Tonight Show. Burt Reynolds was the first guest that evening. Burt was wrapped up in a divorce from wife Loni Anderson and the recent cancelation of his show "Evening Shade". Burt also was pumping out a series of bad movies such as the 1993 bomb "Cop and 1/2". Jay didn't help matters and created a heated set that poor Marc had to walk out onto. When it was Marcs turn he walked out and began the interview. It wasn't long before Burt was insulting Marc, but lets not say Marc didn't get in his share of jabs. After pouring water on eachother the interview ended with Marc and Burt turning back to back and throwing pies at eachother. This ruined Marcs best suit.

Program: Oprah
Packager: Harpo Productions and King World
Host: Oprah Winfrey

In 1996, Marc Summers appeared on Oprah to discuss his battle with OCD. He was among the many guests as well as a doctor who discussed OCD. Marc discussed his career, family life, and how these things were affected by OCD. Marc also touched on his treatment. You can here audio files from this episode of oprah below.

File 1 File 2 File 3 File 4 File 5

Program: Our Home
Network: Lifetime
Packager: Lifetime Productions
Host(s): Marc Summers & ?

Marc hosted this early afternoon show for women that gave tips for life at home. Also featured were cooking segments as well as other ideas to make life at home a wonderful experience. Marc would host this show for, I believe, a season. Lifetime gave him a new assignment, an assignment that would change his life.

Show: Biggers and Summers
Network: Lifetime

Packager: Lifetime Productions
Host(s): Sissy Biggers and Marc Summers

After leaving "Our Home", Marc moved on to his own talk show with co-host Sissy Biggers called "Biggers and Summers". It was like a serious "Regis and Kathie Lee" type program. It featured celebrities, musical acts, politicans, and even doctors. And speaking of doctors, Dr. Eric Hollinder was one of these doctors. Hollinder is an OCD specialist. When Marc heard for the first time the symptoms of OCD from Hollinder, it was then that he realized he had the disorder. Thankfully, Marc was able to be treated for OCD. Sadly, though, "Biggers and Summers" didn't survive. It was cancelled in either 1996 or 1997. But it did do some good in Marc's life.

Program: Dateline
Network: NBC
Packager: NBC Productions
Host: Stone Phillips and Jane Pauley

In 1999, Marc was featured on NBC's "Dateline" to discuss OCD and his recovery. It featured a look at his career that included Double Dare, and Marc's struggle while hosting it. This was a spectacular story and one that was not to miss.

Program: Inside Edition
Packager: King World
Host: Debra Norville

In 1998, Marc was featured on Inside Edition discussing again, his battle with OCD. This was a short piece that talked about his career as well as his treatment for OCD. They oddly enough didn't show any footage from Double Dare, insted they used a clip from "What Would You Do?" in which Marc is hit by pies in the Pie Pod. All in all, a good piece.