Your Double Dare Host:

Marc Summers

In 1986 a 36 year old Marc Summers, began a job that would change his career, and be one of the biggest challenges of his life both professionally and personally. By the end of Double Dare's run, Marc would be a star, but he would find that the world saw him as the host of Double Dare, and not a serious broadcaster.

Marc Summers was born Marc Berkowitz in Indianapolis, Indiana. Even as a young child, Marc knew he was different from other kids his age. While the other boys his age played baseball and went swimming, Marc would clean his room. Cleaning wasn't just a hobby, it was an obsession. Every Sunday Marc would clean the room he and his brother shared. He clean ever so carefully, making sure not to miss a spot. This continued through his teen years, and into adulthood.

Marc began his career as a magician in his teen years. In 1973 Marc began a job as a page for CBS. He would later be writing for Bob Barker on Truth or Consequences. These early jobs helped Marc get the experence he needed for the future.

In 1986 Marc and Michael Berger were the two finalists for a job on a new show for the flegling cable network Nickelodeon called Double Dare. Marc landed the job. For Marc the show was a blessing and a curse. Marc liked the job and the paychecks, but he hated the fact that part of his job was getting covered in gak and goop. As time went on the producers had Marc get more involved with the stunts on the show, something Marc hated but went along with. In 1994 after over 500 episodes, Nickelodeon cancelled Double Dare, and it faded into reruns.

After Double Dare, Marc decided to move on to more adult television. He landed a job on the Lifetime morning show Our Home. He later co-hosted a talk show with Sissy Biggers for Lifetime called Biggers and Summers. It was on Biggers and Summers Marc realized what cause his need for cleanliness, he had Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD). Marc received treatment for OCD and became the spokes person for the OCD Foundation. Marc has most recently hosted History IQ for The History Channel and It's A Surprise and Unwrapped for The Food Network. Marc has certainly come a long way in 16 years, and I think he is apprecitive for the program that made him a star. Thanks Marc and May God Bless You.