Poetry of the DarkerMind

Read and drain the pages of DarkerMind.
A style of writing with words left behind.
Words to open the mind, never corrupt.
Only enlighten those edges left rough.

Thus far, my portfolio encompasses
[118] gradient poems
[3] published articles
[23] freelance stories


Most Recent Thoughts

Gyrated around literature and creative writing at Southern Oregon University, I have found those few moments in life that reflect the joy of a beloved emotion. Without one to keep, a soulmate presumed to fill the void of my dreams, I must persue an endless field of brilliance forever forced to look over my shoulder, wondering. Why do my steps fade in the distance? I am free to run, free to drive, free to own the world's divine.

Public Recognition

Here is an artical by SomethingAwful.com with a mention of my writing. This recognition came to me by carefree discovery. Not knowing from where my traffic was collecting, I went for a search and found this artical.
A Tribute to an Unappreciated Artist: The Goth Poet The picture on the cover is not of me, but someone of the goth poet society. My name is mentioned near the middle of the article. I am blind to know whether or not this article is a mockary of my writing, but I do appreciate the feedback.
Goth Poet Tribute - Read Full Artical at SomethingAwful.com
..internet required..

Writings To Be Published (Long Term Projects)

a) A Novel researched in Ancient China. An Excert from "Binding East"
Before Genghis Khan became the ruthless warrior he was known for, he met up with Jheno; the mongolian monk that showed him the light. Preceeding China's union of tribes, one particular family suffered the wrath of Khan. Fortunately, mother Baeba saved her child from their burning village. Jheno was raised in China's nothern-most monestery as a refugee. Despite being mongolian, Jheno learned the power of tranquility through his attempt to change the world.

b) A Reality Manuscript.
Based on the age-old theory of Astral Projection, I am organizing a manual on Out-of-Body Experiences (OBE). Describing the facts and techniques on OBE Travel, I will attempt to manipulate your impression of the world. My manual will also include my personal||univeral explanation of the human experience and the alterations that can be induced through human interaction and the use of mind-altering chemicals. I will explain why those chemicals are only needed as triggers to boost what is already in use. Including personal experiences and theories, I will explain the conscept of OBE and how it can be manipulated for personal growth. Although only theories now(as are most philosophical inquieres), I have decoded evidence that society is overworked into believing what they see, not what they feel in their dreams. My manuscript will include dream analization, techniques on control, linking theories, and my interpretation to the human race.

Unition Awareness (Magazine Creator Needs Team)

Imagine a magazine everyone reads. Imagine the logo everyone remembers. Imagine an opinion everyone needs. Imagine a contest everyone enters. Imagine the voice everyone knows. Imagine a box without any sides. Imagine a color no one can show. Imagine a death with a life.
When I was able to help create SPEWS, Southern's Publishing of English and Writing Students, I found it necessary for everyone to have an equal chance to be heard. Within the pages of my future magazine, such was my involvemnt in "Words Into Shadow," a column dedicated to discussing topics not easy for the faint of heart, I will enjoy taking the steps that many fear to begin. I respect SPEWS for the depth it has allowed me to take in my own style of writing. I will choose the team of gifted authors that will lead this magazine towards a newstand around the world. Imagine that.

"I know the journey seems endless."
"How much longer until we can rest?"
"You don't know where we're going."

"Keep moving! We'll reach the end."
"There will be no end. I can't see!"
"Are we there yet? I have to pee."

"Quiet! That's enough out of you!"