VirtualKB is a keyboard enhancement for the Palm OS. The keyboard can be configured to the color and layout of your choice (a compact layout optimized for small screens and international layouts are available). Any developer can add a new layout to VirtualKB. This keyboard has basic editor functions you can use within any application. The keyboard enables some Palm OS features that are not present in the built-in keyboard such as: scrollbar, autoshift, shortcuts, graffiti. VirtualKB includes some added functions such as: multiple undo/redo, find/replace, toolbar, easy international keypad. The program has some features that should help to type faster and with less errors (see history.txt). This keyboard has tons of other improvements, please try it, it's FREEWARE. VirtualKB is a better version that replaces the previous D-Keyboard (Tucows: 5 cows) and PowerInput keyboards. Please read README.TXT before installing.

Download VirtualKB

Copyright (c) 2000 Gustavo Broos.