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The Mr E. website!

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This is a myster-E-ous website about an unsolvable Mr. E--DARE YOU ENTER THE WORLD OF Mr. E? It is a world of enigmas & shadows! Read on dear viewer...if you have the nerve.

SITE NEWS: Latest addt. to the site--A complete update of my TWINE64 Awards FAQ. Be sure to check that out as the improvement is MAJOR! Great improvements have also been made to the "Video Game pg.
"New "Elite Agents list & "TND" pgs. have recently been added and TWINE-PSX stuff has been added to the TWINE pg.
Also notice the new scrolling text box--and what it says too! I Have added photo pgs. to "The Hawaii Page"

...dateline outerspace: The Moon has just exploded.
...dateline hollywood: Osama bin Laden has had a sex change & is now Britney Spears.
...dateline washington: It has been revealed that G. W. Bush is a robot, built & controlled by Dick Chaney.

...dateline midamerica: Former #1 toy--Teddy Ruxpin--goes on tri-state killing spree.

~MYSTER-E-OUS WEATHER®~'s forecast: ...Chili today--hot tamale.
...evening forecast: ...Dark until morning, followed by widely-scattered daylight.

~Mr. E OP/ED®~
...on the 2002 elections: ...The people have spoken--the bastards! 
Photo of Mr. E in front of his computer
I am cursed with a Mac--DAMN you Steve Jobs!
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Who is Mr. E???

Doug Hoyer of Kailua, Hawaii

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