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DoublersFirst Safelist
DoublersFirst Safelist
Why Doublers First Is Truly A Unique Safelist.
1. No more sending text emails to someones bulk folder.
Instead, Send HTML Emails To People Who Want To Hear About Your Program, Mainly Others In The Doubler Community.
2. Our Focus Is On Alerting You Immediately When We Find Promising New Doublers.
3. We Offer A Great Monthly Residual Income Plan. We Pay $1.00 monthly on first level Pro Referrals and $1.00 monthly on second level Pro Referrals.
We even pay our Free members $0.50 on their first level Pro referrals and $0.25 on their second level Pro referrals.
It really pays to be aDoublersFirst member.
These Hot New Doublers Are The Best I've Found Where You Can Make Money
You Can Earn Double Your Money
And More In Only 5 Days
Double 50
Cycled and Reinvested
Double 50 Min spend is $50.
Pays 20% On Referrals
Current Cycle Time 14 days
Min Spend $25 Max $500
Double Your Money In 7 Days
Min Spend: $50 Max: $750 a Day. I Got Paid On Referrals
Doubles Your money currently in 10 days
Min Spend $25 Max $500 per day.
Cycle time will increase every 10 days.
Launching Soon
DoubleMyDollar offers a 2 line plan where spending $15 will payout $60. You invest $15 in the 1'st line, it doubles to $30 and next you put that money into line 2. The 2'nd line doubles your $30 to $60.
I'm Close To Cycling In The Second Line
A doubler with controlled cycle times. Your first cycle is always at 3 days. The second at 20 days The third through the seventh is 40 days. Spending just $10 in a little over 5 1/2 months you will earn $1280.
Double Your Money With 5X
Using a queue system to help cycling continue. Min. spend $5.00 Max. $450
Launched Tue. 2/1/05 at 10pm EST
10 Day fixed cycle time doubler.  Min.spend $20 Max. $500 10% Referral Commission
Make Some Fast Money
Launched 3/5/05 At 10am EST
Min. $1.00  Max. $100 EGold Only
Pays 10% On Referrals
Launching March 11 2005
Min. $20 Max.$40 Referral Bonus 5%
West Money 4 All
ays 50% Every 4 Days (Total 200% in 16 Days)
Min. $1.00  Max. $150 Per Day
Accepts E-gold
Matrix & MLM Programs
Get Paid From Up To 88,000 Positions
Launched In Feb..
Earn $10 on personal referrals and $1.00 on all others in your downline. Paid weekly. As of 2/04/05 I have over 261 people
in my downline because of the spillover from my upline. 
Eugene Moseley
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You should already be using all of these currency exchangers because many great doublers may only use one of them. If not, then you can join all of them now for free.
INTGold can earn you referrals that you can make money from too.